Reward Points Program

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Be Rewarded for Giving!

With SJNC Rewards, you’ll earn points for daily activities. SJNC Rewards is FREE to join, and points are redeemable for dollars $ off your next (or even current*) purchase.

How To Earn Points

Join Rewards Program – By simply signing up for a FREE user account you automatically become a rewards member. Login or sign up here  – My Account

You will get INSTANT points allocation for website product reviews and accounts sign ups. Find out more below.



Write a product review here at my website testimonial or social review (or all of them)





Write a review on Facebook or Google + (or both)





Purchase items from the online store




PointsGiving a gift

Account [INSTANT POINTS] Signing up for a user account (free): 300 points Click Here: At My Account

Purchasing – products on this website: $1 = 1 Point.

Testimonial – Write a publishable testimonial on the website: 100 points Click Here: At Submit a testimonial

BONUS: Inc a photo in your testimonial of your gift and earn a bonus 50 points.

Facebook Review – Write a publishable review on Facebook 800 points. Click Here: Review on Facebook

Google Review – Writing a publishable review on Google + 800 points. Click Here: Review on Google +

Product Review – Write a publishable product review: (every product review you write when logged in will earn you 500 points you can find the review tab in the description area of every product on the website) [Remember you must be logged into your account for points to be allocated – Anonymous reviews can’t receive points]

Sample of a product review

Review Screen

100 points = $1 off your NEXT purchase

SJNC Rewards FAQ’s

Review (5)

No, because points must be awarded to an account (logged-in user).

Category: Review
You will receive 1 point for every $1 you spend in the online store. Your points will appear in your account immediately after your completed purchase.

Category: Review

Adding a product review to the website will also gain you extra reward points if you have signed up for a free user account.

Category: Review
You will begin earning points for actions immediately after signing up for a user account. We will even start you off with 300 points as our thanks for signing up!
There’s no limit to the total number of points you may earn.
You can redeem up to 50% of your products with reward points per order.

Category: Review

Your points for actions like signing up for an account, writing a product review in this websites online store are added to your account immediately.  

Other actions like Facebook reviews, Google + Reviews and testimonials on this website will be allocated within 24 hours of the action.

Category: Review

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Terms and conditions of the rewards program can be found here – Rewards Tc’s and C’s
Stacey Jane’s Nappy Cakes reserves the right to not publish a review or testimonial if it is not fit for public reading or feels it is in no way related to the business at hand.
* You will only receive the reward points from account sign up and product reviews added instantly to redeem for current purchases. Points for the purchase you are currently making will be allocated after payment is made and are available for your next purchase.