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Creative & Unique Baby Shower Centre Pieces

A baby shower is a lovely occasion organized by relatives, friends or colleagues to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the newest member of the family. This is one happy occasion. You can make it even more festive by putting together a fabulous baby shower centre piece to set the mood of the event and to raise the excitement just a notch higher.
For obvious reasons, popular centre pieces for a baby shower tend to be a matter of choice between the colors of pink and blue, if the parents are certain about the baby’s gender. If not, an all-white baby shower centre piece is the safest option to herald the coming of the innocent baby. However, ideas for a centre piece for a baby shower are not limited to colours. There are other designs you can use to achieve that “wow” factor for the focal decorative figure of the whole event. From flower balloons to nappy (diaper) cakes, the options for cute centrepieces seem to be endless.Butterfly Baby Bouquet
Berry Pop Chocolate and Strawberry Centre Pieces
Chocolate and strawberries have always been the common ingredients for romantic, sweet treats. When Berry Pop came up with the idea of coating strawberries and dried fruits with chocolates and presenting them in fashionable containers with laces and organza, it became a statement of unique edible centre piece for baby showers.
Baby Shower PopsThe picture of family and friends gathered in one lovely occasion gains a more meaningful angle of sharing when people reach in to pick the couture goodies. To provide accent, each stem can be decorated with powdered sugar, coconut, glitters, sprinkles, and gold leaf. Butterfly cut outs and other trimmings can be added to the entire arrangement to make it stand out and sit proudly among the gifts.
Berry Pop Edible Gifts and Centre Pieces are a local Adelaide business, more of their beautiful designs can be found on the facebook
pops in glass centrepiece
Watermelon Pram
If there are fruits to be served at the party, consider carving an adorable watermelon baby carriage that is guaranteed to outshine traditional gifts of bibs, nappies, and clothes. A single piece of watermelon is all you need to fashion an adorable stroller equipped with orange magwheels. Simply shave off a flat spot at the bottom to prevent it from rollinWatermelon Pramg around then scoop out the watermelon to be mixed with other fruits like green seedless grapes, pineapple, cantaloupe, kiwi, and strawberries to make a refreshing fruit salad.
This inventive take on baby shower centre piece is both fun and practical as the future mum takes a bite of healthy fruits stored in the watermelon pram.
Nappy Cake
If you are looking for something to get the party talking then you should consider have a custom made nappy cake created. The bigger the better as it will be a stand out feature on the table. One nappy cake in particular that will do this is the standard 5 tier nappy cake from Stacey Jane’s Nappy Cakes. Sporting a whopping 108 nappies (diapers) a soft toy, socks and face washer it will stand tall and be the centre of attention at your next baby shower.
5 Tier Nappy Cake + Roses
Remember that the key to a fun and endearing centre piece is to make it eye-catching. With these suggestions, expect your well-wishers’ tongues to wag. After all, it is not often that their attention is grabbed by a baby shower centre piece.


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Baby Shower Planning - Baby Shower Centre Pieces

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