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Baby Shower Etiquettes that Work Well


For centuries, pregnancy is always considered great news with important bearing. Motherhood and the pending arrival of a new baby are seen as an auspicious excuse for family and friends to get together and celebrate in what has traditionally become known as a baby shower. Through the decades, both mother-to-be and her baby have enjoyed being pampered by generous guests with gifts considered essential for child care. While many of the principles remained the same, baby showers have expanded in format over the years. The rules written in stone also changed, causing some to lose sight of even the most basic baby shower etiquette’s on how the special occasion should be thrown. There are a few guidelines, though, that need to be observed for your baby shower to be remembered for all the right reasons.
Baby Shower Host: Historically, a baby shower is hosted by anyone except the expectant parents. Formal etiquette for a baby shower dictates that someone outside of the family qualifies as host to avoid the impression that the couple is asking for gifts. Today, however, it is acceptable for any relative, close friend, or colleague to organize a baby shower, much to the appreciation of the mum-to-be.
Baby Shower Date: For obvious reasons, baby showers are thrown preferably a month or two before the baby is born. If the party is not meant to surprise the expectant mother, make sure to consult with her prior to finalizing a date. It is important not to schedule the event too close to her due date when she’s already sporting a big belly and finding it harder to move around. Ideally, the party has to be far away enough from delivery date to allow the mum-to-be to sort out the gifts, return duplicates, and set up the items in the nursery. Now days, it is common to throw a shower after the baby’s birth. The baby’s presence makes it easier for guests to choose gifts specific to the baby’s gender and other special needs. There seems to have more fun with a real baby serving as the centrepiece and icebreaker for the unique occasion.
Baby Shower Guest List: It is wise to confer with the expectant mother about the composition of the guest list. Nothing is worse than throwing a baby shower when the most important people in the couple’s life are not present. Relatives, close friends and other selected guests are usually invited. However, hosts may decide to throw a baby shower in two different events. One is for relatives and intimate friends, and another separate one for co-workers and other acquaintances. Segregating the guest list does not only enable the expectant mother to devote equal quality, social time to both sets of attendees, but it also doubles the quantity of baby shower gifts the new mother may possibly receive.
Etiquette’s for a baby shower vary with tradition and culture, but their importance cannot be under-emphasized. Use these guidelines to show your support for the new family and help create an event full of lasting memories.

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