Invitations for a Baby Shower

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas


These days, baby shower invitations are not restricted to those preprinted things that you can find in the local card and novelty shop. You’ve got a lot of things available to you and you’re limited mainly by your own imagination.

For announcing a new baby, you want the shower to be special–as unique as the mother and baby will be. Your shower invitations can be just as unique and just as special when you take a little time and create them yourself.

Hand made invitations need not take a long time to create and they don’t have to cost a lot. Most of us can’t afford to put more into the invitations than we do the shower, so ideas for great invitations to the party are always welcome.

Some DIY invitations can be created from preprinted pads that can be purchased from local stores. You’ll simply fill in your information, date, time and other things and mail the invitations. This is remarkably easy if not necessarily the most stylish way to go about getting your baby shower invitations out and looking good. You could “bling” these up with some rhinestones, glitter and brads strategically placed on the pictures of the invitation.  These can be found at your local Spotlight store or cheap shop.

Another method of setting up the invites for a baby shower would be to design your own. The computer is one of the most useful tools that you’ll ever find. The vast array of great photos, public domain pictures and other items, in  combination with some free software or even a PDF maker can help you to make very creative and beautiful invitations that will wow your friends and family.

Choose an image from online that is a great fit for your theme, buy some card stock and then print the front of the card as well as the inside in one easy swoop. Fold the card into quarters or in half and your invitation is ready to go. Most card stock actually comes with their own envelopes so all you need to do is sign and mail them.

Three dimensional invitations are a bit more creative. They are slightly harder to mail but they are also something that your guests aren’t going to soon forget. Create 3D  baby shower invitations by tucking a tiny baby doll into a walnut shell and covering it with a small scrap of flannel or brightly colored fabric.

Another idea is to fold a sheet of card stock in half and print a photo of a stork on the front glue a scrap of cloth from the storks beak and insert a tiny doll into it to showcase the stork delivering the baby.

These may seem to be difficult to make but most take under ten minutes. In addition, they can be mailed in normal envelopes or inserted into a low cost padded envelope and mailed.

If you want to make this a unique and interesting baby shower start by using your creative genius and wow them with the invitations too.


Below are some pictures of the baby shower invitations I created when I had my party in 2008. I took some pre-made cards (shimmer green with gold flowers) that I purchased from an stationary store and I found some plain gold paper that would print in my inkjet printer. (be careful what paper you pint on if using an inkjet as some papers have a waxy surface that don’t allow the ink to dry.  You would require a laser printer for this sort of paper).

To save a little on cost I was able to fit 3 DL sized inserts onto one sheet of A4 paper.  Once printed I then used a paper trimmer to cut them to fit the outer card. If you don’t have a paper trimmer you can use a craft knife, steel ruler and cutting mat.  I would not recommend using scissors as the finish on your invitations will look wobbly and unprofessional.

To fasten them I used a large gold safety pin.  The alternative here would be to use a nappy pin, they are a little more expensive but would set the invite off with that “baby theme”.

The gold motif was stamped with a rubber stamp and heat embossed with gold embossing powder.

As these were all DL sized invitations they fitted in a standard size envelope for postage.  So without spending a fortune on invitations I was able to create something unique and and customised and within a budget.

Baby shower invitation_

Baby shower invitation

I created an extra invitation for my scrapbook so after the baby shower I cut the top fold over flap off of the invite so I was able to display it in my album.


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