Locations for your Baby Shower

Location Ideas For Your Baby Shower


Choosing a baby shower location isn’t really difficult. It depends primarily on what type of shower you plan to have. When going over location ideas for baby showers, consider whether you want your party to be a formal type gathering or more relaxed and fun. In most cases, formal showers would be held at a restaurant or some other setting that is suited to your needs. A restaurant setting will probably mean fewer guests unless you plan to rent a private room for your gathering.

If the weather is cooperative, some people prefer a park for their baby shower location. Having your baby shower in a park is a great idea for those who prefer a large gathering. It not only gives your guests more room to circulate and chat, but you can also plan many baby shower games that wouldn’t be possible in an indoor setting. Of course, the down side to this baby shower location is that the weather can make it necessary to change plans at the last minute. If you are planning a baby shower at a park it is wise to have a back-up plan and make sure that everyone knows where to go in case of bad weather.

Home is probably the popular place to have a baby shower. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and even if you decide to have it outdoors the house is always nearby if the weather turns sour. Having a baby shower at someone’s home is also more convenient when it comes to preparing food and drinks. If you happen to need more of something, it can be easily prepared without having to run home to do it.

A baby shower is fun no matter what location you choose. The key to success is much the same as with any other gathering, be prepared and have a contingency plan. If you plan things out thoroughly everyone will have a great time no matter where you are, and that is the ultimate goal.

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