Alphabet Baby Shower Theme

A,B,C cubes  The ABC of an Alphabet Baby Shower Theme

Learning the ABC is among every child’s first lessons. Make letters a natural part of the baby’s world as early as possible by welcoming him/her with an alphabet baby shower theme.  With so many ways to use the letters, you’ll never run out of ideas using the letters as the anchor piece for an ABC baby shower.
Announcing the Fun
Assign a letter to each guest when sending baby shower invitations; it can be a creative way to jumpstart the fun. Decorate a poster board in the size of standard invitation card with any letter from A to Z. A guest receiving an invitation with the assigned letter will have a clue as to what gift to purchase, like S for stuffed toy or socks. Difficult letters like V or Z can be omitted, unless the expectant mum prefers to receive something really out of the box.
Back-to-Basic Decors 
An alphabet baby shower theme can inspire the use of common party items to pop up the room, including balloons, alphabet blocks, flash cards, and letter garlands. Anything that has letter on it can be used to create an alphabet wall where guests can write their well-wishes for the mom and her baby. A lovely centerpiece can be a spray-painted twig with hanging alphabet letters. Modernize the simple masterpiece by choosing contemporary hues, or pink or blue, if the gender of the baby is already known.
Charming Monogram for a Savory Menu
Set up a food station with letter monograms to clearly identify what guests are partaking. An inverted candy cane stands as “J” for juice, while the letter “P” from assembled Lego pieces stands for Pretzels. Float colored alphabet ice blocks in the punch bowl for guests to scoop in their individual glass. A delightful, sweet addition to the station would be an alphabet cake surrounded by fancy letter building blocks and letter-shaped cookies.
Keep the Fun Coming
Challenge your guests to exercise their skills in using letters to form words. Keep the intense guests entertained with mind-baffling games, such as word scrabble and crossword puzzle. The children and those who prefer easy games can tinker with set of magnetic letters provided in each table. Ask guests to form as many possible words related to babies without using the same letter twice.
Make the letters your the baby’s friends for life. An alphabet baby shower theme is easy to plan. An ABC baby shower can be fun and memorable in a good way to introduce the 26-letter alphabet to the honoured baby and the guests’ kids.



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