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Ingredients of a Successful Garden Themed Baby Shower

Little boy with flowers and water can in the garden
Baby showers come in many sizes and shapes. Unfortunately, they can be so much alike in using pink and blue, storks or cradles, Disney princesses, and superheroes that you feel you’ve been to all of them having almost the same decorations, food, activities, and favors. The plethora of party ideas can range from angelic to circus and sci-fi. Why not veer away from the usual and try something different to set your baby shower apart from the rest?
There are more ways than one to honor and welcome the arrival of a new baby at the shower. Instead of focusing on gift preferences, use a unique baby shower idea that allows the entire family and all guests to enjoy the benefits together – a garden themed baby shower. This theme is most likely to be favored by a mum-to-be who loves gardening and who wants to pass along her green thumb to her kids and soon-to-be born baby.
Below are party essentials to set the tone to achieve a pretty garden baby shower.
 Invitation: Design the invite with a colour scheme that reflects the theme – green, white, brown, and other earthy tones that can also be used to guide guests in choosing appropriate outfit for the event. Weave in a statement to subtly imply the theme. Examples are: “Let’s help preserve planet Earth for Sarah’s little angel,” or “Claire has decided to breastfeed her baby and plans to make her own homemade baby food. Let’s create a backyard garden that flourishes with fruits and veggies to sustain her baby’s big appetite.” This encourages guests to bring their own garden kit and packets of seeds to be planted.
• Food for the Gardeners: It is ideal for a baby shower with a garden theme to begin at breakfast until brunch. One of the easiest foods to prepare is pancakes served with a variety of toppings like bacon, sausages, cream, peanut butter, and thick syrup. Make sure to keep brewed coffee or tea and fresh fruit juice flowing to fuel up the workers. Mini sandwiches, tea cakes, and cookies can also be served together with lemonade, iced water, or cola to energize the backyard workers for the day’s work.
• Garden-friendly activities: Work begins after consuming the energy-packed foods. Guests can be assigned a specific portion to work on. Older siblings can be allowed to join and be part of the new baby’s garden project. If the backyard has limited space, use landscaping timbers to build a raised garden. Pots can also be used to maximize all available space. Make sure to label each plot with the right type of plants planted. At the end of the day’s work, a rose can be planted in honor of the baby and to serve as a sweet reminder of the day.
• Garden-themed gifts: As host, lead the other guests in showering the expectant mother and her baby with garden-related gifts. The baby can be presented with tiny overalls, sun hats, and clothing suited for gardening. The future mum will look forward to putting her baby into large sized outfits after going through the initial growth years. Gift ideas may also include organic fertilizer, hanging pots, baskets for gathering crops, and gardening books.
• Of seeds and favors: Send the workers home with a personalized bag of baby shower seeds to be planted in their own backyard to remind them of how they helped in making the world a little better for the baby on the way.
A garden themed baby shower is indeed a unique way to celebrate a new life with a breath of fresh air.
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