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Party Ideas for a Rubber Duck Baby Shower Theme 


Rub a dub dub nappy cake

The rubber ducky has been a long-time icon that makes any kid’s bath time lots of fun. If this timeless yellow piece of toy can be a source of joy for children whenever they plunge into the water during bath time, the same effect can be achieved with cute duckies baby shower theme. A rubber duck themed baby shower does not only conjure images of water, but it is also an ideal background to set a festive mood for a gender-neutral baby shower.
Here are duck-related ideas to consider for a baby shower.
• Find the right location: Ducks love water so host the baby shower in an area with a lake, pond, or a swimming pool. If the party is to be held in the yard, fill a kiddie pool with water and float different sizes of rubber ducks.
 Design the invitation: Design the invites with images of ducks or cut out personalized invitations in duck shape. Your creativity can give you endless options in choosing the materials, decorations, and wordings. Customized invitations are also available, but they can be costly if you’re planning a big party.
• Decorate the venue: A rubber duck themed baby shower never runs out of accessories to splash all over the party area. A clear shower curtain with images of ducks and bubbles can serve both as table cover and scene setter. A large fishbowl with blue dyed water becomes an eye-catching centrepiece when filled with clear bubble balls and floating rubber ducks. For a touch of freshness, bundle stalks of yellow lilies or daisies. Use them to accessorize baskets filled with rolled blue and yellow towels, and bathing essentials like lotion, shampoo, and baby powder. If you need more decorations, hang yellow and blue balloons from the entrance to where the duck actions are taking place.
• Serve yellow food: Obviously, you need to decide on food to be served around the rubber ducky theme. What else can be more appropriate than yellow or duck food? A simple round layer cake can be made fancy with light blue icing and filled with large white balls up the sides to make them look like bubbles. Sit different sizes of rubber duckies on top of the cake. Egg salad and bread as well as cheese and duck-shaped “quackers” can make the baby shower menu extra special. Choose mixing between regular or berry lemonade in a large punch bowl. Float thoroughly cleaned rubber ducks in the juice as a finishing detail.
• Play duck games: Rubber ducks can be fun whether they are in or out of the water. Duck games are effective in breaking the ice and freeing the guests out of their inhibition. Some games that can be played during the baby shower include duck race, duck hunting, duck Bingo, and hot duck – all to be accompanied by appropriate duck music. Winners are awarded door prizes with, of course, a couple of ducks in them.
Centre Piece: A rubber duck themed nappy cake is the perfect choice. Stacey Jane’s Nappy Cake can create a beautiful and practical centre piececlick here to view the rubber duck nappy cakes.


Conclude the jovial event by sending the guests home with duck shape items like soap, candles, and sweet treats. Give away some of those rubber ducks that helped you make the baby shower a success, but reserve plenty to keep company for the coming baby.

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