Baby Shower Theme – Soccer

Get The Ball Rolling:  A Soccer-themed Baby Shower 

2 Tier Soccer Themed Nappy CakeFinding out that your friend is expecting a baby is nearly as exciting as scoring the winning goal in the World Cup.  So it makes sense that you will want to organize a soccer baby shower,especially if your friend is a soccer fan or her baby is a boy.
Start with the Invitations
Start planning your authentic English football baby shower with the invitations.  You will find many types of soccer-themed invitations, including paper and plastic invitations shaped like soccer balls, cleats and jerseys.  You can even choose from a wide range of colours to reflect the colours of the mother-to-be’s favourite team.
Set the Mood with Decor
Set the mood for the soccer baby shower by displaying decorations like paper garlands spelling out the baby’s name, paper chandeliers in the shape of balls in the team’s colours, and fake turf with small soccer balls.  Just remember not to overdo it because you will still have the food, favours and games to complement the English football-themed baby shower.
Fill Your Guests with Great Food 
Get the guests in the right mood with delicious food and beverages, which you can either have catered or cooked in your kitchen. A few ideas include:
• Cake with a soccer ball as centerpiece;
• Cupcakes and cookies with soccer ball, cleat and jersey toppers;Soccer Nappy Cake
• Vanilla cake pops with black frosting in stripes.
The rest of the food can be fit for any adult party, such as chicken, beef and pork dishes, pasta dishes, and vegetable dishes, among others.  You can even add non-alcoholic cocktails (
e.g. Chai Blossom, Celery Collins and Summer Twang) that even the pregnant guest of honor and her guests will enjoy.
Give Them Fun Games
Your guest of honor and her guests will also love soccer-themed games without the physical exertion.  Think of soccer trivia with cute prizes, pin the ball on the goal, and finger soccer, among others.
Before saying goodbye to your guests, be sure that each one has a party favour.  You can combine charming yet affordable items such as scented body products, a collection of nuts and chocolate bars in each gift bag.  You don’t necessarily have to follow the soccer theme in the party favours but your gift bag can have it.
During the soccer baby shower, you can also play popular soccer-related music. Shakira’s songs, such as Hips Don’t Lie, La La La (Brazil 2014) and Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) make good choices.
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