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 A Page of Fun in a Book/Reading Baby Shower Theme

Baby reading wearing glassesIf you’re planning to host a baby shower for a mum-to-be who loves to read books, nothing beats a party with a theme about books or reading. With more ways than one to please the book-lover mum, the book baby shower theme can either focus on a specific type of book or it can cover a general type that can be interesting to all.
General Story Book Theme
A baby shower with a general story book theme is a great way to help the expecting mother build up her collection of books. An invitation that asks guests to bring a book as gift provides them the flexibility to choose a book that can be well appreciated by the soon-to-be mum.
This type of party can be held anywhere, from someone’s home to a nearby park. If you want a location that fits the reading baby shower theme, the best venue is the local library. Some libraries have special rooms for such function as long as you work the details in advance and commit to keeping the noise at bay. Another option is to reserve a room in a coffee shop or bookstore café, on the condition that refreshments for the group are to be ordered from the venue.
Decorations for this type of baby shower includes hanging book posters and placing cut out miniature books on every surface at various heights. Consider finger foods that guests can easily carry around as they eat and mingle. Continue the theme in the cake design by having stack of books with a cover that congratulates the mum-to-be. Stick to book-related activities and games to make the party a fun, learning event. A metal bookmarker with a thank-you note makes the most appropriate party favour that costs less.
Other Fun Variations
The future mother who loves magical stories is guaranteed to have a grand time with a baby shower theme that focuses on fairy tale or classic children’s literature. A nursery rhyme theme is also an option for a mum-to-be who’s in the middle of decorating the baby’s room or who expects to read a lot of stories to her new baby.
Cover the windows with Gothic-shaped poster board to achieve a castle-look for the room. Incorporate popular fairy tale characters as décor accents. If you want to highlight the nursery rhyme theme, print out and hang nursery songs and characters.
For a fairy tale theme, food selection can range from crown-shaped cookies to a Cinderella carriage that sits on top of open story book. Humpty Dumpty stuffed eggs and Twinkle, Twinkle Star cookies are ideal for the nursery rhyme reading baby shower theme. Elegant crown bookmarks and gold book-shaped box are the perfect favours for a dollar or less.
The fun in a book baby shower theme lasts long after the food and drinks have been shared, the guests have gone and the gifts have been opened. The mum-to-be will cherish it as she relates the joy of the event in one of her reading sessions to her newborn.
Here are some great visual ideas to help you on your way!

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