Butterfly Baby Shower Theme

The Dramatic Effect of a Butterfly Baby Shower Theme


 Here are some great visual ideas for your butterfly baby shower theme

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Butterflies evoke thoughts of gardens alive with colourful blooms, of wings and fantasies, as well as springs and fresh growth.  If there is anything that a “Butterfly Theme” conjures up, it is sunshine, laughter, and renewed hopes. Can there be anything more appropriate for a baby shower?
A butterfly baby shower is perfect when you think of having fun with babies, and for babies. It is a very versatile theme as it lets you explore several enjoyable and exciting possibilities.


Butterflies and Gardens. Butterflies call to mind gardens so it is easy to bring in lots of colours through fresh flowers, candied flowers and table centerpieces. This is also the kind of theme party you can hold outdoors in spring or summer. Even if the venue is indoors, you can capture the essence of a garden with hanging butterflies that seem to flutter overhead. Inside or out, a dessert table can be laden with lollipop flowers and butterflies, cupcakes in butterfly wrappers, cake pops and a nappy cake centerpiece with tiny edible blooms and butterflies. Thank you cards and party favors with a signature butterfly will easily remind guests of the fun they had that day.Butterfly treasures nappy cake for girl_pink


Fantasy Butterflies. Think of Tinkerbell and you know right away that a butterfly theme for a baby shower can be made more awesome with touches of fantasy. This means fairies, elves, magic and glitters mixed with those butterflies gracing the invitations and party favors, decor and centerpieces.  You can set a gorgeous pink and lilac fantasy butterfly party for a baby girl. You can also go for the colour of rainbow and the woods if you are holding the event outdoors. Bring in Tinkebell’s friends from Never Land either by encouraging costumes, by hanging posters on the walls, or both. Tinkerbell and her best friend Iridessa, as well as Rosetta, Silvermist, Vidia, and Fawn will make lovely party guests.


Playful Butterflies. If you want the baby shower to be lots of fun, go for the simple but playful mood of energetic, butterflies in flight. Use happy colors such as pink, purple, yellow, and green in your invitation and thank you cards. Choose party favors and foods that are as fun as well. A nappy cake with butterflies in the same colour can take centre stage in the candy or food buffet.  DIY and hang a long stretch of garland that consists of pretty paper butterfly garlands in the same colour motif to flutter in the air. You can decorate using charming nylon butterfly

Finally, get everyone up and about with fun “butterfly games” such as the Butterfly Hunt, Pin the Antennae on the Butterfly, How Big is Mum’s Cocoon, and Butterfly Drop. Freeing live butterflies can be the highlight of the butterfly theme baby shower if you enjoy dramatic effects.

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