Fairy or Goblin Themed Baby Shower

Get Whimsical with a Fairy or Goblin Themed Baby Shower

Fotolia_64418979_XS © famveldman - Fotolia.comUnlike Sleeping Beauty, you want all fairies and good goblins to be invited in the fairy baby shower to celebrate the arrival of your little princess. Fairies are creatures with magical powers in the tip of their wands. Their fluttering little wings are a great inspiration to set up an enchanting atmosphere. With a theme like this, you can invite all the fairies to spread pixie dust and shower the precious infant with well wishes to make sure she doesn’t grow up a sleepy head.

Together with the fairies, invite family and friends of the mum-to-be by sending invites asking them to join in welcoming the upcoming birth of a fairy princess.

Garden Venue: Everything Dainty and Delicate


Fairies, particularly the gentle ones, live among flowers and trees. Some are called “butterfly fairies” because they look like butterflies hovering over gardens with lots of blooms. Others are known as “dryads” found on groves of sacred trees playing musical instruments. These facts make the garden the best option for the venue. Little enhancements such as adding vines and arches are needed to make it look like a charmed fairy world.


To create an ethereal impression, choose decorations in pale hues of green, pink, lavender and white. Let the magic begin by greeting guests to the fairy hunting party with a banner that says it’s a shower for the little Tinkerbell in the tummy. A cardboard drawbridge is laid to help everyone get across to the party area draped with tulle netting. The effect is simply mesmerizing as twinkling lights cast diffused shadows on silk flowers cascading from the ceiling. Watch the amazement on the faces of the guests as the bubble machine is turned on to complete the dreamlike scene.


The Spread: Food for Fairies and Goblins


Bewitch the partygoers with a bevy of enchanting treats. Let the cake be the centerpiece of the buffet table covered with gauzy cloth. Ask the local baker to whip up a cake with an angel fairy watching over the baby princess as she sleeps among frolicking butterflies. Tease the palate with star-shaped jam sandwiches and fruit cubes served in clear goblets.


Place vegetable dip in overlaying leaves of purple cabbage. Serve heart-shaped pizzas. Allow everyone to feel as though they are fairies by offering fairy wand cookies. To quench thirst, stir fizzy fairy punch or lemon-lime soda that magically turns pink when mixed with red ice cubes.


Thank the young guests by sending them off with silky bags filled with fairy mints. Older guests can be presented with fairy candles in a beautiful box, a fitting favour for both a fairy or goblin baby shower.

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