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Green Living – Baby Shower Theme

A new baby is a magical happening that deserves and in fact requires a celebration. Celebrate the arrival of a baby by hosting a baby shower for mum and offering her all that she needs to care for the new bundle of joy when he or she arrives. 
There’s a baby shower theme out there for every classy mom to be and you can dream up new ways make them both practical and beautiful by offering her party decorations that become useful items when the party is over.

The baby shower is a time for you all to celebrate a new life. You’ll also, during the course of the day, share ideas on parenting, advice and tips for the new mum and offer little gifts that will make her life easier. In keeping with that, make your decorations both gorgeous and practical by providing decorations, centrepieces and party favours that do double duty.

Using vellum you could cut out some pale green leaves to sprinkle over the table cloth that you use to set up the dining area.

Your cake–if you serve one, might be a reflection of the green-living theme by adding small sprouts of greenery to it using fondant or edible cake decals to get the look that you want.

Decorations for any baby shower  should always include a traditional diaper cake or nappy cake–a creamy delight that is created using nappies that will be re purposed later as the nappies that they are for the green living mum, or even as a burb cloth to help mum protect her clothing. The nappy cake is a must-have at any baby shower.

The place card settings for this theme could be a wonderful way to celebrate new life in every way. Offering a small terra cotta pot that  is painted pale green with a tag that has the name of the guest attached would set up a place quite nicely and also double as a party favour.

An appropriate ribbon tied around the top could state, It’s a boy or it’s a girl. Inside the pot add a small tree or a flower that the shower attendee can take home for their own nursery, yard or garden. It’s a great way to spread a little bit of green and commemorate the new baby.

Just a little imagination  can help you to come up with wonderful themes for your own baby shower. Do . Consider the likes and dislikes of mum and dad and you can come up with some very creative shower themes that are in keeping with their lifestyle. Be sure that you ask the couple if they’d prefer their baby shower before the birth, as most showers are, or if they would prefer to wait until after the birth so that the baby can be the guest of honor.

A hamper filled with appropriate baby products or green and organic cotton tee-shirts and other items could round out your offerings to the new mum to be. Let your guests know the theme of the shower so that they too can offer appropriate gifts that might go along with it. 

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