The Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Shower Theme

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Shower Theme

Personalised Hungry Caterpillar
What does it take to transform the classic children’s storybook “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” into a fun and memorable baby shower? It’s a theme that speaks of bright colors, lively animals, fresh fruits and an adventure with nature. All you need is to beef up your imagination to bring the Eric Carle story to life.
Choosing the Venue
The essence of a Very Hungry Caterpillar baby shower theme can be best felt if set in an outdoor venue. With the voracious insect in mind, inch your way out to any of these locations to have fun under the sun:
• Picnic Site: Reserve an area in public parks, forest reserves, or day camps to host an open air party for all ages.
• Garden: Prep up that vacant space, either in your own backyard or in your neighborhood to gather family and friends for a relaxing afternoon of grilled goodies.
• Special Destination: For an up-close and personal encounter with animals, zoos and farms make ultimate venues that also offer party packages fitted to your theme.
If you’re mindful about the natural elements, opt for traditional venues such as a restaurant, hotel, gymnasium, or your home. Or, choose to hold the baby shower in a spa with garden setting so the mother can be treated to a little pampering.
Partying with Critters and Bugs
Show off the vibrant colors of fuchsia, tangerine, gold, teal and violet not only to cheer up the room, but also to attract the party animals and insects – the guests. Give a new twist in decorating with balloons by tying green and red ones into a caterpillar formation. It becomes an aerial centerpiece hovering above together with fabric butterflies, ladybugs, and other winged creatures from the craft store.
Feeding and Hydrating the Very Hungry Guests
A baby shower inspired by the Eric Carle book comes to life with fresh and colorful food items. Serve fruit kabobs made out of the freshest and juiciest harvests of the season. Offer spinach tortillas with veggies or an assortment of deli meat arranged in a caterpillar formation. Go for the traditional cupcakes as the dessert in colorful green and red icing. Serve refreshing fruit punch and lemonade with floating caterpillar ice cubes.
Keeping the Fun Wheel Rolling
Keep your guests crawling all over the party area and enjoying themselves with fun activities. Ask guests to use their creativity to make their own version of a Very Hungry Caterpillar bib. Join the soon-to-be mom as she opens the gifts stacked as a caterpillar.
Finally, give each guest baby food jars or loot bags with caterpillar designs that they can fill with fruit runts, so they’ll be hungry no more.

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