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In The Jungle T-short print on black backgroundA Jungle Themed Baby Shower

Bring a Wild Jungle Baby Shower to Life
Very few events can compare to the thrills brought by a new baby. With a doting mum, relatives and friends, a baby shower is in order to officially welcome the baby to the fold. Whether you are the mum or the friend/relative spearheading a baby shower, you need to plan the party to make it unforgettable. There are a myriad of ideas out there that makes choosing tough. You can make it easier; start with a theme. You may want to depart from the classic ‘pink and blue theme’ and pursue something more thrilling such as a jungle theme.
Jungle Baby Shower Essentials
There are certain party essentials that you must get there or the party doesn’t get to pick up the ‘jungle spirit.’ A successful baby shower starts with a jungle-themed invitation brimming with fun and colourful animal images that informs the guests of the what, when and where of the party. If you have a baby registry, include this the information to help them find the perfect gift for your baby. Send it out a few weeks earlier so guests get enough time to find your bundle of joy something worth using and keeping.
Jungle Saga Continues… The Venue Decorations
For a ‘wild’ baby shower to come to life, perk up the venue with animal-inspired balloons, animal-printed buntings and more. If you have lots of stuffed animals – giraffes, elephants and monkeys – stored away or from friends’ kids, these can definitely go with the motif. Some plants can add the ‘green and brown’ touches to the ‘woods.’
Extend the theme to the party tables and the food table. Get guests seated comfortably with the people they would love to party with using ‘place cards.’ Use jungle trinkets you can add to the party tables – monkey-print plates, wooden place mats, carved animals, etc. The buffet table needs an attention-grabbing centre piece such as the ‘king or queen of the jungle,’ depending on the baby’s gender. Get the table laden with ‘jungle eats’ like cake pops and cupcakes with animal prints, zebra print fudge brownies, animal print fondant topped with an assembly of animals.
End the Party with a Bang
You want your guests to remember the shower and your baby; a jungle baby shower can help you achieve that. You can also do this by meticulously picking a unique way of saying ‘Thank You’ with a party favour in the same jungle theme.
For a new mum (happily) saddled by the extra weight before childbirth or by extra work immediately after, hosting a baby shower can be too much of a challenge. Find someone excited and willing to be your partner so you can curl up in your couch and relax.  A friend, relative or a professional party organiser are your choices. One last trick, buy your party needs from one online store to save time, money and get lots of free ideas. This is also where decors and other stuff easily comes in a unified motif.
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