Paddington Bear Baby Shower Theme

Paddington Bear Baby Shower Theme

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If you’re planning to host a baby shower for a soon-to-be mum, take it to the next level by using some inspirations from Paddington Bear. This iconic British bear with his old hat offers many surprises in his battered suitcase to make the future mum and guests grin from ear-to-ear when the time has come to celebrate the coming of the bundle of joy.
Paddington Bear 4 Tier Nappy Cake

Everything Marmalade

Paddy seems to take the party scene by storm and everyone seems to go loco over the friendly bear. Introduce him in your own Paddington Bear baby shower theme through invites shaped as luggage labels. Use a twine or ribbon to tie the label saying “Please look after this baby,” and the party details at the back.
Attach each invitation to a little marmalade jar with a mini bear in red or blue boots, the quintessential Paddington colours ideal for a gender neutral baby shower. Give guests a preview of what to expect by filling the jar with your own homemade sweets in keeping with what bears really like – marmalade!
The Path that Leads to Paddy’s Party Area
Let guests find their way along the long path guided by bear paw prints that say “This way to have a bear-y good time.” Achieve an English baby shower by featuring typical London elements such as post boxes, toy black cabs, and a backdrop of the Great Big Ben.
Pop the party area with vintage-style suitcases in varying shapes and sizes, or fashion out a few pieces from carton boxes. Scatter red and blue balloons all over the area, and you’re set to have a great party.
Food Mama and Baby Bears Love to Eat
Like Paddington, the prospective mum and her guests would be as delighted to bite on marmalade sandwiches and nibble on cookies with orange icing in the middle. Or, line up different marmalade choices for a dollop to spread on crackers and chips. Include some of Paddy’s native food from Peru, including cheese Tequeños with guacamole and bean salad. Extend the food selection with nuts and raisin bars, popcorn and assorted gummy bears. A chocolate drink in tall glasses with mini fans is a fun way to gulp down the tasty fare.
No centerpiece is more apt than a suitcase cake. Create one by baking or buying two rectangular sponge cakes. Cover them with brown fondant icing and outline the words “Welcome” or “Arriving on Time.” Push sticks with little bears or Paddington pictures on top of the cake.
If your guests find everything in your Paddington Bear baby shower party simply too much to bear, that’s because you just want everyone to feel warm and fuzzy!

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