Red & White Baby Shower Theme

Gender Neutral Red and White Baby Shower Theme


Red macaroons with white butterflies

When it comes to what life has to offer nothing can be bigger than an impending birth of a baby. There’s no better way to tell family and friends about the good news than with a baby shower. For the soon-to-be mum, a baby shower is an opportunity to be pampered by loved ones and accept advice and gifts to celebrate the forthcoming birth.
Planning for a baby shower can be a bit challenging, especially if the gender of the baby is not yet known. Whether you purposely want to be surprised in the delivery room when the baby is born, or you’re not keen about other elaborate motifs, a red and white theme is one of the gender-neutral colours for a baby shower.
Announcing the Arrival of a New Baby
A critical question is who plans and hosts the baby shower. Traditionally, it is the expectant mother’s family and friends, but nothing can stop an excited mother from throwing a baby shower. Whoever is initiating the party, announcing the event is made by sending out invitations at least three weeks to a month earlier, either by email or the old-fashioned snail mail. All the key information is written down on the invites, including the date, time, RSVP details, gift registry, and the party theme. A perfect colour motif is a red and white baby shower if you’re blank with the gender.
Splashing of Red and White Around the Party Place
Decorating for a baby shower provides you with endless possibilities. It is a creative way to start building up life-long memories to honor a child who hasn’t been born yet. With a red and white theme to help you provide a cohesive look for the party you can start by looking around for something that is red and white. Use your fresh rose blooms to add refreshing sight and fragrance in the area. Hang your white laced curtain and pin red ribbons to create a cheerful ambiance. If you’re tight on budget, make a simple chain by interlocking red and white paper alternately, and hang them across where the action is going to happen, add some colour matching balloons and your set!
Red and White Reminders and Favors
Baby shower centre pieces must carry the same colour motif and speak of the mood you want to create. If you want to go eco-friendly, repot red flowering perennials in white canisters or mini tin buckets which you can give as take home favours to your guests. You can also fill up some glass jars with red and white gum balls then hand out party bags of the same color combination to contain the sweet treats scooped by guests to their heart’s delight. For a women-only gathering, choose red and white nail polish or bath soap to serve as a colourful and fragrant reminder of a special occasion.
A red and white baby shower is rich with lots of decorating options. However you choose to dress up the place, a baby shower is always an exciting time for family and friends to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, regardless of gender.


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Baby Shower Theme Ideas - Red & White Baby Shower Theme