Spot The Dog Baby Shower Theme

Very Cute Where’s Spot the Dog Baby Shower Theme

Spot the dog nappy cake
New! Spot the Dog Nappy Cake
If you want to throw a playful baby shower party with an adorable puppy in the spotlight, a tail-wagging friend can be called in to help celebrate the coming birth of a baby boy. No other dog can beat the wonder and mischief of Spot the Dog. This yellow puppy with a brown spot on both sides of the body and a brown tip on his tail is the main character of the popular children’s books by Eric Hill. Being a star, it should be easy for Spot to share the limelight with his new young buddy and make your dog baby shower full of fun and adventure.


Yelping for Guests to Come
Any baby shower invitation with a puppy dog theme can be easily created to invite guests to join the celebration. One good way is to shape a yellow card stock into little paw prints then write the party details on the back. You may also consider cutting out the printed images of Spot the Dog and use fake brown fur from the craft stores to lend a cute accent to the invites.


As Cute as a Puppy Can Be
The decorations for a dog baby shower can be as cute or as extravagant as you may desire. Head off to any local party supply store to get all your dog-related supplies. Starting with a plain yellow tablecloth, stamp black paw prints on it as if Spot has been frolicking around the food station. Place little versions of Spot the Dog here and there to help the puppy theme and to serve as favors to the guests.


Treats for the Nice
The menu can range from simple to casually elegant. For an early afternoon gathering, cut sandwiches, dog bone-shaped sugar cookies, chips and dips, barbeques, and of course, hot dogs become the obvious table fillers for a dog baby shower. Give another dog twist in serving these finger foods by using yellow and brown dog food bowls.


If the party is happening in the evening, treat guests to a generous meal of scrumptious hors d’oeuvres paired with your choice of fine vintage wine. A dog bone shaped cake with Spot’s face makes a charming centerpiece. If you want to push it a notch higher, you can bake a cake and shape it into Spot’s house where the cute dog can perch on top for everyone to see.


Spotting Spot
Games are an absolute must in any puppy baby shower theme. If you want everyone laughing throughout the party, have at least four to five games ready. One game that is guaranteed to give guests some amount of fun is called “Pin the Spot on Spot.” Just draw a big image of Spot the Dog on any large plain paper. Pin it to the wall. Cut out pieces of brown pelt paper and place a piece of double-sided tape at the back. The aim of the game is for the blindfolded contestants to pin the brown spots exactly where they should be on Spot’s body. The one who pins closest to the spot wins.


If you are looking for the Spot the dog nappy cake as a great table centre piece or gift you can find him here – Spot the dog nappy cake
Here are a few other visual ideas for a very cute Where’s Spot Baby Shower

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