Swashbuckeling Pirate Baby Shower Theme

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Go Sailing in a Swashbuckling Pirate Baby Shower Theme

When planning a baby shower for the coming of a baby, nothing can be more exciting than a party with a pirate theme. Everybody loves adventure and the fun, bright colors of treasure troves. While it can be more fitting for a boy, it is not uncommon to use pirate baby shower theme when the baby being welcomed is a girl.
Set the Tone
What a better way to introduce the theme than to have a swashbuckling pirate gracing the invites. Guests will easily take it to mean that they need to come in full pirate regalia to be counted on the side of the buccaneer seafarers. Make sure to keep a treasure chest filled with moustaches, eye patches, hooks and tattoos. They are great props for photo booth sessions to create fantastic memories for the high sea party.
Deck the Ship
Dress up the pirate ship with fun accessories, ranging from pirate flags, swords and treasure chests overflowing with jewels, coins and gold bars. Position a standee pirate with a telescope to stand guard. Hang a scene setter of deserted treasured island as background for the pirate ship. Hang a fish net or two down the wall. To make the area more festive, hang fairy lights and see the whimsical effect as guests gush over the sparkling treasures scattered all around.
Call Pirates by Their Names
Fun begins as soon as guests arrive. Prepare a box containing nouns and adjectives or pirate-y characteristics like one-eyed, brave, bearded, etc. Let guests pick a word to be added with their names on the tag. Use a range of pirate names from the movies such as Black Beard, Captain Hook, Buxom Blackwater and more. This great activity allows you and the guests to be called by a pirate name even for a day only. What fun it is to be referred to as “Bootstrap Bob” or “Angler Dave!”
Feed the Crew
Use plain wooden tables to serve a themed menu. Place little sword picks to name the food on metal platters. Pirate jewels are served in the form of fruit kebabs. Fill the table with lots of pirate booties such as chocolate coins, Malteser cannon balls, and gummy fishes afloat in shark infested bowl of refreshing drink. Place a large pirate ship with bounty of tropical fruits surrounded by zucchini boats on the buffet table. Stick carrots on the sides to serve as oars and everything becomes one jovial centerpiece to delight the hungry mates.
Now all you need is to think of the best games to play to make the pirate baby shower more fun and memorable. Just don’t forget to mark the treasure spots with X and you can be sure guests wouldn’t want to step on the shore unless they’ve found what the swashbuckling pirate has stashed for them in secret.


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