Who’s Invited to a Baby Shower – In’s and Outs of the Baby Shower Guest List

In’s and Outs of the Baby Shower Guest List

For years the traditional Baby Shower guest list has been mostly made up of female friends and family. It is now common to include male family members and children. Showers that include men and children really need to make a break from tradition. If you expect men and children to really enjoy being a part of a baby shower, you’ll need to put a little extra thought into your planning.Giving a gift

Choose a date and time that works best for the guys and the kids on your guest list. Stay away from nap time, and make sure you wrap things up in enough time to get little ones into bed on time. Be considerate of the men on your guest list. Don’t plan your get together on the same day as a big sporting event. Asking a football fan to come to a baby shower on the day of the Grand Final would cause no small amount of conflict!

Assuming that the father to be is going to be the co-guest of honor, don’t set him up to be the only guy at the party. Try to invite an equal ratio of men to women. The same thing goes for the kids involved. To have a children friendly party, there should be several children of similar ages.

The right games can make everyone comfortable at any gathering. Games that involve teams with an even mix of guys, gals and kids work well. One very popular game that works well for everyone, especially chocolate lovers, it the Dirty Nappy Game:

Before the shower begins, melt a little bit of several kinds of chocolate bars into individual nappies. At some point during the party have your guests try to determine what kind of Chocolate bar is in each diaper.

Another fun activity is for everyone to give some advice to the father to be. The catch is that the suggestions can only be three words long:

“Hold your nose”, “Warm the bottle”, Position burp cloth”, are some good examples.

The most important aspect of your planning is the food. Neither guys nor kids want dainty finger foods. Men usually prefer meat. Grilled burgers, chicken wings or sausages in bread are a great choices for parties. Add some cheesy pizza and chocolate cupcakes and you’ve got the perfect menu for both.

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