Birth Announcements

Birth Announcement Ideas to Share Your Baby’s Big Moment

The birth of a child is a joyful event that every parent wants to share with the world. Unfortunately, not everyone dear in your life can be physically with you during the big moment. This must not, however, deter you from sharing your joy. If you have families and friends living away from you, there are tons of creative ways to let them and the world know your stork is at hand. Virtually, the sky is the limit when it comes to birth announcement ideas.
If you are about to make your own baby announcement, your option is only limited by your own imagination and creativity. There is a whole range of ideas ranging from classic and traditional to ultra-modern and hi-tech. If you are now all agog with the coming of your own stork, here are a few ideas you can mull over:
 Video Announcement and Online Posting. Who doesn’t have a video-recording gadget these days? This can be a very touching experience to do and watch, and inexpensive too. Before the due date, write down all those important notes and make a ‘dry run’ of what you intend to be said and shown by the dad or his alternate. With editing tools, you can integrate some background music or modify the lightings later to make it more dramatic. Post the video online – Vimeo, YouTube or in social media like Facebook and Pinterest – to be shared with your family and friends near and far.
 Spring Announcement. If your due date is anywhere close to spring  the “Just Hatched” idea might just be perfect. A family lunch or dinner can double as a venue for the baby announcement. Both occasions usher the idea of new growths and fresh beginnings. Rather than put sweet candies inside a plastic egg case, think outside the box. Why not make a memorabilia out of it by putting in there some pictures of the baby and a small card with the baby’s name, weight and length upon birth.
• Paint a Thousand Words with Pictures. Almost always, a baby announcement comes with a picture or lots of it as the most important element of the event. This can come in the form of customised cards, collages, photo albums, slideshows, scrapbooks, or an invitation. Thus, the first order of the day is to get that perfect snapshot to showcase your baby. You can DIY this, but be aware of the important elements such as color and scale.
With all the excitement, you may find the project too daunting. You can tap help from professionals that can make the birth announcement very professional and impressive. You can give it a personal touch by working closely with your hired help. There are many online options to choose from these days.