Budget or Frugal Baby Showers

Budget Baby Showers Mums Will Love

A wonderful baby shower is something every mum-to-be looks forward to. As a matter of fact, she considers this one of the most precious gifts she can receive from her family and friends. If you’re one of those people who would love to throw your special someone a fun and memorable baby shower but cringes at the thought of the expense, worry no more because there are lots of creative ideas you can try to come up with a budget baby shower. Here’s how:
Make Use of Paperless Invites. Not only is this faster and cheap, you’re also helping save the environment. There are various online services you can choose from where RSVP’ing will be a breeze. They can confirm or decline right away so you’ll know immediately how many guests will attend and you’ll be well prepared.
Choosing the venue. This will eat up the bulk of your budget if you make the mistake of hosting it in a fancy club or restaurant, when everyone will just be as comfortable if it was held in a home or garden. Just make sure you know how many people to expect so you can choose a house that can accommodate everyone.
Fancy but free decorations. A baby shower on a budget doesn’t have to look like one if you put all those creative juices to good use. Make do with what you have like stuffed animals, baby books, and even used decors from past baby showers. These will still look great so long as they were carefully stashed and are free from deformities.
Make it a potluck affair. If the baby shower you’re hosting will be composed mainly of close family and friends, then delegate or divide this task among yourselves. Maybe one of you can bake the cake, another one can make lasagna, still another can make her famous cupcakes or macaroons. If you’re pressed for time though, a lot of sandwiches, cookies, and other finger foods will be just as good.
Prizes for parlor games. You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to come up with nice prizes for your guests. There are lots of good things you can check out from cheap shops, like bath essentials and candles you can give away. Plus, there’s no need to wrap them up because most of these are already packaged beautifully.
Gifts for baby. As it is, the baby shower is already a wonderful gift in itself, but a goody basket stuffed with baby clothes, shoes, and other trinkets won’t hurt as well. This doesn’t have to come from a single person. Each of the friends or family members can contribute one item and when put together, can fill the entire gift basket.
So you see, a budget baby shower doesn’t have to be as daunting or expensive as you think, as long as you put in a little effort and shower it with love from friends and family.

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