Baby Shower Common Mistakes

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Planning Baby Showers

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Planning baby showers is, in many ways, similar to planning any other party. You start with a budget, choose a date and venue, create a guest list, and plan the menu. Like all parties, you’re also bound to commit mistakes planning a baby shower. Whether you’re the host or the expectant mum, you tend to forget something or end up with loose fragments that are sure fire elements to doom an important lifetime event.

How can you be certain that your dream baby shower doesn’t fizzle out? By knowing the common mistakes planning baby showers take and avoiding falling into the same trap. Here’s a list of the don’ts to stay away from to achieve the most desired outcome from a memorable occasion.

• Late sending out of invitations. A baby shower is a special event requiring the presence of some special people. Sending out the invitations too close to the date can mean the unavailability of some guests. Send out those invitations early so guest have a head start especially during busy months.

• Inviting too many guests. Have a good estimate of how many people can comfortably fit into the budget and venue. Inviting everyone may place you in the most embarrassing situation once food and drinks run out, or if the venue gets too jam-packed for comfort. If that happens, you commit one of the common mistakes planning a baby shower that you must avoid as it will break the budget.

 Not having a theme. A baby shower with generic appeal or one with conflicting theme is a sign of hit-or-miss planning. Picking a theme to harmonize all the party ingredients, from invitations to decorations, food, and favours contribute to the wow factor of the event. Consider a theme and give it your personal touches to make it warm and unforgettable.

• Hosting embarrassing party games. Baby showers call for some games to infuse fun and to encourage mingling and interactions. However, make sure to organise games and activities in which everyone can participate. Avoid games that tend to isolate or embarrass people.

• Not making mum feel special. A baby shower is all about the baby and the mum as well. Make sure to celebrate and honor the proud mother. If the party is not a surprise, consult the mum on major details without directly involving her in the physical planning. Make her comfortable and feel special by giving her at least one gift she can truly appreciate.


imagesPlanning a baby shower involves truckloads of details. Keep in mind that to ensure great results for fun and enjoyment, avoid these mistakes commonly committed when planning baby showers. Make this special event an occasion that will be long remembered by both the mum-to-be and the guests for many years to come.



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