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Decoration Ideas For A Baby Shower

Baby Shower decorationsChoosing the right decorations for a baby shower can transform a so-so get together into a festive gathering that will be remembered fondly for years to come. The type of decorations that will be suitable depends largely on the setting and the theme (if any) of the shower. For example, if your party is to be held in a restaurant or anywhere other than your home, the decorations will have to be able to withstand being transported without too much wear and tear. Some of the traditional baby shower decorations can be personalised without much added effort and these small added touches are just the thing to show the mother to be how special she is. Try some of these decoration ideas for a baby shower the next time.

Balloons– While ordinary balloons can be somewhat boring, adding a few extras can take them from ho-hum to sensational. Buy some small, silk flowers and place the blooms inside of them before you inflate the balloon. Choose a flower that fits the season, such as crocuses for a spring shower or tiny roses for a shower held in the summer months.

Paper Bunting– Paper bunting is not only easy to personalise, it is also very easy to make. Simply cut some triangles of paper in whatever size you like and fold the wide end over a length of decorative string or rope and secure it with glue or a few staples. Personalise it with the mother’s name or coordinate it with the theme of your party.

Baby Clothesline– This is an incredibly cute decoration for any baby shower, but it works especially well if your party is outdoors. Just take some colorful cord and secure it just like you would a real clothesline and then use colourful plastic clothespins to hang onesies along the length of it.

Tableware– The tableware that you use for your shower doesn’t have to be strictly utilitarian in nature. While it obviously has to serve a purpose, there is no reason that it can’t be fun and decorative as well. In most party stores you can find table clothes, serviette holders, and utensils that have anything from pictures of the stork to baby blocks decorating them. If you know the gender of the baby you can take personalising these things a step further by using either blue or pink. Place smaller decorations such as paper lanterns and tissue paper pom poms and flowers throughout your table setting for some extra colors.

Don’t forget to decorate your food as well. Lively cupcake toppers and other decorations will add a little more flair to the festivities. Even if you have the food catered you can prepare garnishes of your own to decorate it with. Use a tiny doll peeping out from under a cabbage leaf to decorate a salad, or fold serviettes into the shape of nappies to hold rolls or bread.

StreamersThe key word when it comes to any party is imagination. The time you spend thinking of original decorations will seem very well spent when you see the guest of honor’s face as she enters the room.







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