Edible cakes for a Baby Shower

Scrumptious Cakes for Your Next Baby Shower

A baby shower is one of the best ways to show support for a friend who is expecting a baby.  It is a time for fun, games, good food, and of course, awesome cakes. The decorations and the cakes for a baby shower often determine just how special the occasion can be; these are tangible proofs of how much effort was spent to put the shower together.
Cakes for Dessert
Cakes have never lost their popularity despite the overwhelming varieties of sweets and pastries available today. Few people in the world can resist the down-to-earth goodness of a Lamington, or the richness of a chocolate fudge cake. These two cakes never go unsliced at a party, even when placed in an unobtrusive corner of the dessert table. However, a host can up the ante by choosing supremely edible baby shower cakes that help build the party’s theme.
Theme Cakes
Bow and Teddy Baby Shower Cake
The centrepiece cake on a buffet table of a shower can emphasize the theme of the shower. For example, the traditional blue color scheme for baby boys can be sweetly expressed by a white and blue fondant frosted cake decorated with a toy horse. A pink and white cake with a cuddly fondant teddy bear will announce to all and sundry that a girl is expected.
2 tier stork & baby - Baby Shower Cake
When expectant mothers refuse to limit their choice of colors to blue or pink, they can always rely on the decorations and the cakes for a baby shower to state their case. For them, perhaps a cake in shades of green can artistically depict a stork with its bundle. A cake can be the most artistic (and delicious) of canvases, and a baby shower is a fine opportunity to create the most amazing illustrations.
Cupcakes Galore
Cupcakes & Elephant Baby Shower Cake
The nicest thing about cupcakes is that they allow an artistic baker to execute the requests that clients make. Some honorees will have no more than a vague idea of what they want when they are asked about how they want their cupcakes done. Most bakers consider this a challenge and a wonderful opportunity to explore new ways of expressing themselves. Cupcakes for a baby showerOne such bake shop, Sian’s Delicious Diamonds, has created mouthwatering cupcakes for countless showers, and this bake shop shows that there is more to cupcakes than the usual rosettes.
The sandwiches, the canapés, and the other foods served during a party can provide guests with a feast, but only the thoughtful decorations and the most deliciously edible baby shower cakes and cupcakes can turn a party into a baby shower.
Baby's Bottom Baby Shower Cake
Maternity Belly Baby Shower Cake
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