Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas For A Baby Shower

Baby showers are always fun, but sometimes choosing the right gift can be something of a challenge. In some ways the Mum receiving a baby shower gifttechnology that we have now has made choosing a gift easier because in many cases the parents already know whether the baby is a boy or a girl and you can purchase your gift accordingly. While baby showers may have changed, some of the traditional baby shower gifts will never go out of style and if you are at a loss for what to give at a baby shower stick with the tried and true baby shower gifts.

Things like blankets, teddy bears, baby toys, and nappies are items that every mother will need. If the sex of the baby is unknown, stick with neutral colours like white, green, or yellow or some other colour that can be worn by either a boy or a girl – red is great for this. One of the nicest ideas is to purchase a pretty basket and fill it with things that every baby needs, such as bath supplies, receiving blankets, etc. If you find your self running out of time and can’t shop yourself you can source this style of gift online and most can deliver to you same day and next business day. Big ticket items such as strollers or changing tables will be purchased by the family, but small, everyday items are sometimes overlooked. Here at Stacey Jane’s Nappy Cakes we have a variety of funky bright coloured gift hampers that will be sure to make a hit at any baby shower.

Everyone loves to purchase tiny baby clothes for the newborn, but it is sometimes a nice idea to add a few items that are a bit larger for later use. Babies grow quickly and those newborn clothes never fit for long so larger clothes will be useful in the coming weeks. Every mother will appreciate baby shower gifts that look beyond the first few weeks of the baby’s life.

Online gift stores like Stacey Jane’s Nappy Cakes can turn your plain baby items into a fabulous nappy cake that is sure to be a wow factor at the baby shower. Best of all the ingredients that are used in the nappy cake are 100% reusable!!!

Don’t forget mum. This is certainly not a necessity, but it is a very nice idea to give the mother something as well. At one baby shower, everyone gave the traditional gifts and each guest pitched in a few extra dollars to buy the mum-to-be something. One very nice idea is a gift certificate for a massage or spa treatment along with a promise to babysit for a few hours while she uses it. New babies are amazing, but they are also a handful and mum is sure to be thankful for the chance to get away and relax for a few hours.

Deciding what to give at a baby shower isn’t really that difficult. Think about the things that you needed with your children and what you would have like to have. The true goal is to give the mother to be a bit of fun and relaxation with friends during this stressful time.

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