Hostess Gifts for a Baby Shower

Fantastic Ideas to Give the Hostess of your Baby Shower


When you are at the end of your pregnancy or tired and sleepy after the baby is born, putting together a party seems the last thing in your mind. Of course you want to share the joys of motherhood and you want a proper baby announcement, but who’s going to host it for you? This is where your mum, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, or your girl friends can all help out.

Being a hostess to a baby shower is not easy; it requires a bit of work. As the mum-to-be, you can show your appreciation to the hostess or hostesses by showing up at the party with a big smile, even if you’re not feeling your best. Another way is by giving them baby shower hostess gifts that they will love.
What is a perfect hostess gift for this special person or persons who is unselfishly sharing her time, efforts and resources with you and your little one?
• Give her something she loves. The hostess is most definitely very close to you so you know her passion. Is she a garden diva? If she is, then she will appreciate unique or personalised gardening accessories like a spring-printed pair of gloves or garden shoes. If cooking is a passion, a visit to her kitchen would reveal what she needs most – a knife set, a herb infuser or a unique cookbook stand. Giving the hostess a gift she can use in her pursuit is a thoughtful thing to; that is something she wouldn’t miss.
• Pamper her with a day in the spa. After all the hard work, you know she deserves to relax. The easiest way for you is to get her ‘’top to toe’ or ‘mani-pedi’ voucher.  If she is the type whose idea of relaxation is a long, languorous tub bath, a basket of spa products will be a great idea. Make things easy for yourself by shopping online.
• Did she miss a movie? If she has been too busy putting together this baby shower, she might have missed a movie she wanted to watch. It will be thoughtful of you to gift her with movie tickets that she can watch with her best buddy, sister or mum.
• What to give a foodie hostess? There is a world out there bursting to the seams when it comes to food gifts. You can bake or whip up her favorite if you’re still up to it. If not, surprise her with food deliveries, a box full of berry pops, decadent chocolates, a sweet she totally adores, or a vinegar and olive oil collection. If she can wait, take her to dinner at her favorite restaurant, and then share her ‘mother stories’ over dinner.
If you decide against all these baby shower hostess gifts and you want to stick to tradition, a framed baby picture of your little one is still the best hostess gift you can thoughtfully give her. An aunt or grandma will love this adorable gift!

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