Baby Shower Party Essentials

Party Essentials for Successful Baby Showers


Baby shower is a traditional event going on for decades now. It is held to honor the mum-to-be and welcome the coming baby, be it her first or next. Every birth is a celebration of life! There are party essentials for a baby shower from the planning stage to inviting guests and decorating the venue, not to mention the day itself. These are what contribute to a successful baby shower.
• Hosting skills. Let the expectant mother relax and enjoy. Leave the hosting of a baby shower to someone willing to handle it for the sake of friendship and the soon-to-be born baby. The ideal ones are either a close relative or friend who is familiar with the mum’s taste and preferences to avoid clashes.
• Involvement of the mum-to-be. There are generally three areas that she can be consulted. These are the baby shower date – the best time for which is at the beginning of the seventh month when she has still enough energy to enjoy herself, the guest list and the baby gift registry.
The expectant mum, being the guest of honor takes time to write thank you notes as well as personally thank those who joined the shower. She can be tasked with simple tasks such as mingling and chatting with everyone. Lastly, she can wrap the party with a short acknowledgement speech thanking all the friends and family who graced the shower party and her graceful host who planned for it.
 Friendly guest list. A successful baby shower largely depends on who’s who on the guest list. If the mum-to-be wants to include her grandmothers, aunts and cousins as part of the family baby shower, better prepare games to make them enjoy the event. The key to achieve 100 percent complete attendance is to send the invites 3-4 weeks ahead for guests living nearby and 4-6 weeks in advance for those living afar. It is also wise to include a vicinity map to avoid guests from getting lost.
• Gift-giving. It becomes monotonous when guests give the mother the same old stuff. Encourage guests to pleasantly surprise the mum with something creative and offers improvement to the mother and her newborn’s quality of life. You can share an online shop that holds a lot of choices that mums and babies love. This accomplishes the true purpose of gift-giving.
Baby showers can be so much fun for all even when party essentials for a baby shower are kept to their simplest form. As long as you put enough planning and creativity on it, the baby shower becomes the talk among friends and relatives for many days.

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