Responsibilities of Hosts and Guests at a Baby Shower

What are the Responsibilities of Hosts and Guests at a Baby Shower?

A sibling, friend or a close relative may ask you to plan a baby shower. The act is certainly flattering because it is a sign of the loving relationship that the two of you share. This can be a daunting task; you can navigate your way through the process more systematically and easier with the help of a planning checklist. Remember, being a host entails a long list of responsibilities at a baby shower if you want it to be successful.
• Plan for the event. Schedule a date two months in advance before the mother gives birth. You may also opt to host a baby shower after the baby is born. It allows the new mum to show off her newborn to everyone. When making food selection, consider the parents’ choice dishes or what they would like to serve to their guests.
• Decide the venue and decorate it. Ensure the comfort of the mum-to-be. Hosting the baby shower at her home is ideal but if space is limited, the house of a friend or a relative with a bigger space can be a good alternative. Other options are outdoor gardens or parks. Spruce up the place one day prior to the event.
• Create a guest list. Can you invite male friends? More baby showers are getting co-ed now but consult the mum-to-be first. Consider inviting common friends as it is easier to make a baby shower intimate when the guests know each other. In case there are new faces, introduce them to the other guests or have activities/games that would make everyone comfortable and feel welcome.
• Send the Invitation. These days, handcrafting the baby shower invite is quite costly. You can forego the expensive materials for the paper and envelope. Instead send virtual invites that you can design yourself. Guests can get an idea of a gift if the host indicates on the invitation the theme, the baby’s gender or genders if it’s a twin baby coming.
• Gifts from guests. Encourage guests to come up with more practical gifts for the baby. It is good to have a registry so that they would know what the others are giving or what the parents-to-be like for their baby. This can also avoid unnecessary duplication of gifts.
 Give baby shower favours to the guests. Favours for a baby shower are fitting signs of appreciation for attendees who share their time to welcome the new baby. Tokens can be picture frames, baby key-chains, home-baked cookies or a simple Thank You card.
Hosting the baby shower party entails huge responsibility. If you are hosting a shower for the mum, make sure she is comfortably seated and served with her favorite foods. As a host, encourage the guests to say words of complement or reassurance to make her feel special. Such responsibilities of hosts and guests are crucial to make the baby shower a hit.

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