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5 Top Ideas for Baby Shower Favours and Thank You Gifts

Preparing baby shower favours and thank you gifts is part of the duties of a baby shower host. These tokens can vary in kind and price depending on the host’s budget, and many opt to go the DIY route for these give-aways. Fortunately, with all the resources available today, coming up with these special gifts has become as easy as it is enjoyable. Here are some ideas for you to use if you are hosting a baby shower.

1. Give each guest a bundle of joy.Party Favours Image
You and the gang are celebrating a friend’s coming bundle of joy so it would be quite appropriate for you to give guests their own bundle of joy. Put together a small be-ribboned box or basket of sweet-smelling things for your friends’ dressers: special soap, guest-sized hand lotion, and a hand sanitiser. Some hosts like to create baskets of candy and cookies, or chocolate. It all depends on what you think your guests will like.
2. Frame their names for your baby shower guest thank you’s.
You can insert your guests’ names in small picture frames, and use these as place cards-come-party-favours. Depending on the style and tone of your party, you can choose a formal metal frame or a cute animal frame to guide guests to their seats. If you can find pictures of them, use those instead of writing names down.
3. Let them know it was sweet of them to come.
Pack a dozen cookies or so in a jar or cellophane wrapped bowl. Other popular treats are brownies, oatmeal cookies and chocolate chip cookies. This is an easy and feasible way to go even if you don’t bake because you can always go to a cookie shop for sweet morsels to put in jars for your baby shower favours.
4. Tell them they light up your day.
 A simple and inexpensive way to show your guests that their presence is appreciated is to gift each one with a scented candle. A scented candle is always welcome because every household has use for such an item. There is a wide selection of scented candles in online shops and most even give discounts for bulk orders.
5. Give them something useful and handy. 
There are some really handy sewing kits that can fit right into the corner of a purse so that your friends can instantly repair a loose button when necessary. You could give your guests a mug with a few packets of herbal teas to show them they are indeed your cup of tea. Or, you can look online for personalised salt and pepper shakers, egg timers, and a host of other cute but practical items for your baby shower guest thank you’s.
There is an endless list of tokens you can use as your baby shower favours, and if you package these tokens with ribbons that echo your shower theme, your guests will go home knowing that you put special effort in making them feel important.

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