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Baby Behavior Basics 3 MUST Know Tips!

Basic Baby behavior 3 things you must know

 3 Points to Know about Basic Baby Behavior

There is no question about it – babies are adorable. Yet, taking care of them can be extremely stressful. If you are handling all the challenges and stresses by using your instincts, you can feel overwhelmed. It will help to acknowledge that you “don’t know it all,” that baby behavior can be unpredictable, and that you can sail through parenting better if you understand basic baby behavior.

Basic Baby Behaviour

Babies don’t snooze soundly through the night.  

Newborns are most likely to keep you awake for at least six weeks. It is a normal baby behavior to wake up from their sleep often to feed and for their immature parts to get into synchrony with the rest of the body. They easily wake up because they dream before moving to deep sleep. Dreaming is necessary for their brain development. They are likely to sleep better between 6 and 9 months.

They have four basic moods or “states.”  

These basic moods are drowsy, quick alert, irritable, and crying. Drowsy babies are cranky – help your baby fall asleep. When he is in a “quiet alert mood,” it is the best time to let them socialize being responsive and interactive.  Irritable? Check his diaper, feed him or put him to sleep. If he is crying, it is a cue that he is upset. Make him feel calm and safe by soothing or cuddling him.

Your little one is sending you signals.

Babies have the innate ability to communicate from birth. They can use their bodies or make sounds to let you know what they want or need. These signals or cues are the closest you can get to know if they are ready to “mingle” (engagement cues) or need a break (disengagement cues). They use clustered cues when they are hungry or full.

Taking care of your baby is wonderful. It can be a little scary, but you will find it very fulfilling as you successfully demystify baby behavior. Enjoying your parenthood is not impossible if you understand basic baby behavior.

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Basic Baby behavior 3 things you must know

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