Why Routine Is So Important

Routine Why is it important

As a young child, you used to have routines. True that they were tedious, but somehow they worked for you then. You may have rebelled at the idea of living by an imposed routine or set of rules, so as an adult you may have started referring to it as a “schedule.” While you still do some things “like clockwork,” you don’t mind having a schedule. The word makes you feel like an adult, someone who has control over one’s life and activities.

As you slip and forget important tasks – the dreadful consequences of not having a routine – you may realize why is routine important then when you were a child, why it’s important now, and why it can help your child succeed as a person. What is a routine that you can embrace as an adult and one that will work for your child? What are its benefits?

What is a routine?

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Digital Organisation – What is it and how can it help me around the home?

Digital Organisation

News flashes onto your TV screen updating the world about noteworthy events happening across the globe, in real time. Communication is now easier, cheaper and more innovative, allowing you to connect with other people anywhere, anytime. Shopping, consulting, studying, etc. are tasks you can competently do without leaving home because the big Web transcended distances. The list of digital benefits or the ways modern communications technology impact human lives in the twenty-first century go on and on. Keep reading to find out how digital organisation at home can help you save time, money and stress. 

Digital transformation is the trend of the modern times. It isn’t letting up now or in the near future. In fact, it is invading every nook and cranny of the modern life, whoever you are and whatever you do. While it is commonly linked to business, it can also be applied to various aspects of life, including your home. These days, digital organisation, from home or domestic front to your personal schedules, can all be improved with greater efficiency.

Digital Organisation at home: What is it?

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Christmas is Coming! Shop with Etsy – Gifts for kids & babies

Etsy header etsy editors pick for kids and babies

Take a look at Etsy’s Editor Picks – Gifts for kids & babies

With Christmas just around the corner it’s no surprise you are looking for some unique Christmas gifts to give a child or new parent this year, with so many ideas on Etsy you a sure to never run out of great gifts this Christmas!

Etsy has done a great job at breaking down the categories for you. From babies gifts, gift for children and gifts for teens. They go even further for you to explore a multitude of games, puzzles, books, costumes, dolls, activities, DIY kits and of course toys.

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Bonding with Baby Through Music

musical baby bonding

Bonding with baby through music – The why and how!

Babies are born with an innate inclination for musicality. This ability is developed while in the womb, being stimulated
 by the sounds they hear. Studies show that babies become more alert when they hear music as opposed to just being talked to. This is why there’s no better time to be bonding with baby through music than soon after their birth.

Music can help provide the support needed for the development of their learning potentials. It can also create a secure attachment between you and your infant. Music and baby bonding can be a fun, playful engagement that can foster the following benefits:

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Kindergym: How it Can Fill Your Toddler’s Need for Physical Activity


 Kindergym: Fulfilling Your Toddler’s Need for Physical Activity

In the past, parents fulfill their toddlers need for physical activity by encouraging their children to spend their time outside to play, explore nature and have fun. Part of this unstructured activity is active play that promotes creativity, social interaction and independence. These days, a lot of busy parents would rather use toys and digital gadgets, without realizing that toddlers require physical activity to boost their health and development. Kindergym can help improve that part in your baby’s life.

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Baby Behavior Basics 3 MUST Know Tips!

Basic Baby behavior 3 things you must know

 3 Points to Know about Basic Baby Behavior

There is no question about it – babies are adorable. Yet, taking care of them can be extremely stressful. If you are handling all the challenges and stresses by using your instincts, you can feel overwhelmed. It will help to acknowledge that you “don’t know it all,” that baby behavior can be unpredictable, and that you can sail through parenting better if you understand basic baby behavior.

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Is your child ready to be toilet trained?

Is your child ready to be toilet trained H

5 Signs you toddler is ready to be toilet trained?

Taking care of your little one is something you would not trade for anything in this world. Watching him sail through his milestones is a joy despite the challenges. As soon as your child turns about 18 months old and is ready for toilet training, it is time for yet another challenge: Is your child ready to be toilet trained?

There is really no usual age at which a toddler starts showing signs of readiness for toilet training – it can be anywhere between 18 months and three years. If you are wondering if he is ready for toilet training, here are some signs to indicate readiness:

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Kindergym: Physical Activity for Toddlers

Kindergym great physical activity for toddlers

Kindergym: Physical Activity for Toddlers

Parenting a toddler can be a lot of fun, but it can zap your energy and your creativity. Have you ever thought that it is possible for your toddler to enjoy and benefit from physical activity without draining your last ounce of energy or creativity? The answer can be kindergym.

Physical activity for toddlers plays a vital role in their development. Kindergym for toddlers can be a productive way to meet your kid’s needs for physical activity and more, and here’s why:

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Bring In the Fun: Exciting Ways to Bond with Your Little One

Exciting ways to bond with your baby

Exciting Ways to Bond with Your Baby – Bring on the Fun!

The majority of the busy parents believes that working their “fingers to the bone” is a manifestation of their love for their children. While work can put food on the table and provide for everything, it also takes away most of your waking hours and opportunity to bond with your baby & family.

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Dangly Giraffe Baby Gift in a Suitcase

Dangly Giraffe Baby Gift Online

Dangly Giraffe Baby Gift in a Suitcase!

You will absolutely love our beautiful Dangly Giraffe Baby Gift in a Suitcase. It is the perfect gift set that includes all the baby essentials. The elegant packaging makes it more presentable! This large giraffe baby gift suitcase has many items in it such as a baby record book, where the mother will be able to record every precious moment of their baby and reminisce it as they grow up. A super cute dangly giraffe soft toy that is 31cm tall, a toy a baby can play and cuddle with. A matching soft and comfortable giraffe comforter so the baby doesn’t get cold. Newborn essentials such as singlets, muslin wraps, socks, and bibs are also included! What more could you ask for? Everything needed is already there! It is all packed in a pretty solid kraft box
 suitcase with silver handle and latches and finished off by a big cellophane.

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