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Bonding with Baby Through Music

musical baby bonding

Bonding with baby through music – The why and how!

Babies are born with an innate inclination for musicality. This ability is developed while in the womb, being stimulated
 by the sounds they hear. Studies show that babies become more alert when they hear music as opposed to just being talked to. This is why there’s no better time to be bonding with baby through music than soon after their birth.

Music can help provide the support needed for the development of their learning potentials. It can also create a secure attachment between you and your infant. Music and baby bonding can be a fun, playful engagement that can foster the following benefits:

  • Promotes consistency – Studies suggest that babies enjoy consistency. For instance, playing same songs or singing lullabies, with their repetitive and structured rhythms, can be soothing for babies. Doing it again and again can help babies associate it with something – a feeling or routine (bedtime, bath time or diaper change) – so that they develop a pattern and eventually respond to it.
  • Tunes up with the baby’s moods and needs – When singing for your baby, whether intuitively or intentionally, you tend to pick a song based on the current mood or needs of the little one. For example, you’re inclined to sing a calm, slow song when the precious bundle is showing signs of restlessness, or choose to play a joyful nursery song when the baby is up and alert. Without realizing it, you are bonding with your baby through music that is attuned to his or her moods and needs.
  • Establishes closer ties with the baby – Your baby tends to be alert at the sound of music. This is especially true when you sing and play with the baby at the same time. This playful dynamic makes music and baby bonding a perfect combination for strengthening the ties between the two of you.Bonding with Your Baby Through Music
  • Soothes your baby – Music is an effective tool to hold your baby when it’s not possible to do it with your arms. Your voice becomes a comforting arm when the baby starts to cry while you’re driving the car or you’re in an important conversation with someone on the phone. A full voice that sounds relaxed will have a soothing effect on your baby.

More than anything else, bonding with your baby through music is a lifetime opportunity to build a unique and meaningful relationship. It’s a gift you can give your child will love before and after birth, and even beyond childhood.

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baby bonding with music


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