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Acquainting Your Infant With Food For The First Time

Acquainting Your Infant with Food for the First Time Header

Parenting comes with a lot of challenges. Each milestone offers unforgettable experiences. There are lessons to learn and rewards to savor for life. Once your child is ready to be introduced to the world of flavors, you will be both excited and daunted. What baby’s first foods are most suitable for your child? Do you prepare them from scratch or do you buy commercially prepared infant food? How do you introduce your infant to the different flavors?

If you are a new parent, start simple. Grow your repertoire as the baby grows older and as your skills improve. To get started, here are a handful of tips that every parent introducing first foods to a baby must know.

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First feeding essentials for a newborn

First Feeding Essentials for a Newborn

5 Top tips on what equipment you need to bottle feed a newborn

There are hundred-and-one reasons to breastfeed your newborn, but remember, it is not for every mother. When the occasion calls for you to resort to formula feeding or using feeding bottles for your breast milk, there’s no need to feel remorse about the whole thing. It is time to let go of the guilt and focus on picking and preparing your infant’s first feeding essentials to make it nurturing for your bundle of joy and rewarding for you.

Solving the Mystery of Feeding Bottles
Every enthusiastic mum-to-be tries to visit baby shops, even while pregnant, to get an idea of newborn feeding essentials to buy before the baby arrives. Feeding essentials are not all made equal. If you’re confused by all the choices, here are a couple of practical things to remember:

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5 Ways to Stir Culinary Interest in Children

5 Ways to Stir Culinary Interest in Children
Cooking is a very creative and productive activity for children, but for most of them, the kitchen is merely a place to harvest some cookies. If you want your to develop culinary interest in children, try following these pointers.
1. Make it a fun experience. 
If you want your children to develop a liking for cooking, make all about fun. Cooking with kids shouldn’t be a tense and rigid activity where you keep thinking about the mess you will need to clean up. It should be an artistic endeavor where each child can find out whether a row of raisins or a large cherry makes a good enough nose. This is the time when the cooking process can become concrete to them. For example, they can learn that if they like crisp cookies, they have to shape the dough thinner and smaller.
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