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Eco-friendly products for a green and safe nursery

Eco Friendly Products for a Green and Safe Nursery

You don’t need to lead a ‘green’ life style in order to take a ‘green’ approach to your baby’s nursery. You’d be concerned over toxins present in baby products, ranging from crib beddings to floor coverings.  Known toxins such as formaldehyde and phthalates have debilitating health effects. What parent wouldn’t be alarmed?

Fortunately, there are ways to cut down on toxins if your goal is to create a green and safe nursery for your baby. Considering that the new trend in home building is geared towards saving the earth’s natural resources, you’ll enjoy the wide range of options for eco-friendly products to fill your baby’s space.
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Nursery Decorating themes for boys

Nursery Decorating Themes for boys

Nursery Decorating Themes for Boys Header

There is no hard and fast rule when decorating a boy’s nursery. Just make sure the elements and the design can spark the baby’s imagination, ignite his interest and stimulate his creativity. Aside from the baby’s needs, make sure the stuff you bring in will be safe for him and comfortable for you as you are likely to spend lots of hours in his room.

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Practical Tips When Buying Baby Clothes

Practical Tips when buying baby clothes

Practical Tips to Remember When Buying Baby Clothes

Shopping for your baby is something every mum enjoys, and you’re no different. You will have the urge to shop more than the baby actually needs. Just like other mums, you will discover that it is a waste of money, later. You’ll end up having drawers full of baby clothes. You’ll realize some baby clothes are too complicated and uncomfortable for your baby. Then, there’s the problem of resisting tempting sales and bargains. If you want to be sensible, here are some practical tips buying baby clothes.
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Gorgeous Nurseries for girls

Gorgeous Nurseries for Girls

Pink always finds its way into girl nursery decorations. It is soft, feminine and unmistakably sophisticated, even for female adult tastes. Yet, if you are out to make your little girl’s nursery one of a kind, you may want to veer away from pink or use it minimally.

Here are some fabulous ways to decorate a nursery for a girl without the usual pinks or with just a subtle hint of it.

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Top 5 Baby Nursery Essentials You Can’t Live Without

Baby Nursery Essentials You Cant Live Without

Top 5 Nursery Essentials You Can’t Live Without

Over the past few years, technology has made it possible to make parenting easier and more fun through innovating baby products. Picking items for the nursery, however, became overwhelming due to a large number of choices. Making the right choices can make a world of difference to your experience as a parent and to your baby. Since you have the total control over picking most of the items to fill your baby’s haven, it is important to know the top five nursery essentials:

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