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Bonding with Baby Through Music

musical baby bonding

Bonding with baby through music – The why and how!

Babies are born with an innate inclination for musicality. This ability is developed while in the womb, being stimulated
 by the sounds they hear. Studies show that babies become more alert when they hear music as opposed to just being talked to. This is why there’s no better time to be bonding with baby through music than soon after their birth.

Music can help provide the support needed for the development of their learning potentials. It can also create a secure attachment between you and your infant. Music and baby bonding can be a fun, playful engagement that can foster the following benefits:

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Is your child ready to be toilet trained?

Is your child ready to be toilet trained H

5 Signs your toddler is ready to be toilet trained?

Taking care of your little one is something you would not trade for anything in this world. Watching him sail through his milestones is a joy despite the challenges. As soon as your child turns about 18 months old and is ready for toilet training, it is time for yet another challenge: Is your child ready to be toilet trained?

There is really no usual age at which a toddler starts showing signs of readiness for toilet training – it can be anywhere between 18 months and three years. If you are wondering if he is ready for toilet training, here are some signs to indicate readiness:

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Kindergym: Physical Activity for Toddlers

Kindergym great physical activity for toddlers

Kindergym: Physical Activity for Toddlers

Parenting a toddler can be a lot of fun, but it can zap your energy and your creativity. Have you ever thought that it is possible for your toddler to enjoy and benefit from physical activity without draining your last ounce of energy or creativity? The answer can be kindergym.

Physical activity for toddlers plays a vital role in their development. Kindergym for toddlers can be a productive way to meet your kid’s needs for physical activity and more, and here’s why:

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Discipline and Behavior for Different Ages

6 highly effective strategies discipline & behavior for different ages

6 Highly Effective Strategies for Discipline & Behaviour for Different Ages

Part of positive parenting is instilling discipline to help a child how and how not to behave. Although each child is unique, children need, most especially, their parents to teach, guide, and support them as they go through the different stages of growth and development. Teaching discipline and behaviour for different ages works best when there is a loving relationship between the parent and child. Finding the most appropriate strategy to guide behaviour depends on the child’s abilities and needs.

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Toilet Training Essentials For Your Baby

Toilet Training essentials for your baby

3 Top Tips on Toilet Training Essentials For Your Baby

Babies grow incredibly fast – in no time at all, they can be ready for potty training. Once they start to exhibit the signs of potty-training readiness, it is time to complete their toilet training essentials, which is around age 20 months. Your toilet training baby and you can better enjoy easing into and through this developmental milestone with the appropriate basics. Read on and find out all the toilet training essentials for your baby.

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The Molars Are Coming!

The molars are coming

The Molars Are Coming!

Teething is a milestone in your baby’s development. By the time he turns one (12 months), there will be a few front teeth peeking each time he will grin or burst into guffaws. As each tooth bud breaks through the gums, it will spell a certain degree of discomfort for your little one and some difficulty for you. All these, however, will pale in comparison when the baby molars start cutting through, uh-oh the molars are coming!

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Importance Of Active Play for Young Kids: Beyond Fun

Importance of Active Play for Young Kids Beyond Fun


A child’s natural milieu is the playground or at home playing and having fun. Active play for young kids used to come naturally a decade or so ago. These days, “playing” has almost become synonymous with the use of gadgets or the Internet. While these are still great ways to amuse or provide fun for kids, these may deprive them the opportunity to enjoy the benefits and the importance of active play.

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Journeying with Your Child Milestone Upon Milestone

Journeying With Your Child Milestone Upon Milestone Header

Journeying with Your Child Milestone upon Milestone

The growing up years of a child involves the process of learning and mastering skills appropriate for a certain age. Called developmental milestones, these are skills acquired or developed in a sequential fashion. It means that child milestones are built on each skill before a new one can be developed, like learning to crawl first before being able to walk.

Being There in Every Milestone of Your Child Development

As a parent, it is important to witness each stage of child development to ascertain if your child is growing and developing according to the set time frame. While it is true that every child is unique, keep in mind that there are factors that may influence child development, including genetic makeup and the environment. Journeying with your child in every milestone can be considered a mutual growth process for both of you. It allows you to assist and, at the same time, enjoy seeing how your child matures right before your eyes.

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The When and How of Toilet Training

The When and How of Toilet Training Header

The secret to successful toilet training is in determining if the child is both physically and emotionally ready for it. While children may be ready between 22 and 30 months of age, remember that every child is different. As long as the signs are there, you can be sure there would be no ensuing power struggle in moving your child from diapers to using the toilet self-sufficiently.

Don’t rush to get your toddler into the potty habit. Starting too early may turn into an unpleasant experience and make the training process more difficult. There’s no specific age to dictate when to start the child on using the toilet. These signs will tell you how and when to toilet train.

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Teething: Problems and Remedies

Teething Problems and Remedies

Teething is one of the early milestones that your bundle of joy may experience at around 6 months. As every child is different, don’t panic when you see an incisor poking at the lower gum as early as 3 months or overly worried when they celebrate their first birthday still toothless; the first tooth may appear as late as 14 months.

Similarly, teething experiences are not the same among babies too. There are infants that may go through some teething problems, while other kids just go through the milestone like nothing happened. If teething seems to be causing discomfort to your child, there are simple teething remedies you can help your child with.

Common Teething Problems

Your baby may exhibit some moodiness during the stage. For some babies, teething may cause their gums to swell and feel sore a few days before the first tooth would erupt.  In response to the tenderness of their gums, babies may bite their fingers. They may not want to feed because their mouths feel sore. There are also babies who drool a lot during the process, irritating their skin around the mouth, the face, chin, or chest.

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