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Baby Care Tips Your Mum Forgot to Tell You

3 top baby care tips your mum forgot to tell you

You heard it often enough that “Mothers’ know best.” As a new mother, you look up to your mum to guide you through your motherhood with proven baby care tips. If you were a happy child, there are many great reasons to listen to your her. Just be realistic that your mum may not know everything.  Here are some baby care tips you didn’t know because she forgot to tell you, or she doesn’t know.

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Practical Tips When Buying Baby Clothes

Practical Tips when buying baby clothes

Practical Tips to Remember When Buying Baby Clothes

Shopping for your baby is something every mum enjoys, and you’re no different. You will have the urge to shop more than the baby actually needs. Just like other mums, you will discover that it is a waste of money, later. You’ll end up having drawers full of baby clothes. You’ll realize some baby clothes are too complicated and uncomfortable for your baby. Then, there’s the problem of resisting tempting sales and bargains. If you want to be sensible, here are some practical tips buying baby clothes.
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Get Chores Done with a Busy Toddler

Toddlers and Chores Get Chores Done wiht a Busy ToddlerToddlers and Chores. Get Chores Done with a Busy Toddler

Toddler and chores….Have you ever thought what would it take to raise a child or, at least, to successfully raise your child through the toddler stage? This is the time when your child is into everything.  You can’t turn your back without the toddler doing something totally disastrous or dangerous. In this state, how can you ever let your kiddo out of your sight?

For one thing, you just have to accept that it will be a choice between toddlers and chores? Of course, you know the answer to that. The more challenging question is” How can you manage doing and completing chores with toddlers underfoot?

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Teaching Organization to Young Children

Teaching Organization to Young Children

Most mums are prepared to tackle all home chores when their kids are too young to make any significant contribution. Yet there is no question that each of them dreams of the day when they can live an easier life as their children learn organizing and doing home chores. More than anything, teaching kids organization and responsibility are important values that can serve them well in their lifetime. For this to happen,however, parents must know that they need to start their kids early. A parent is, therefore, expected to know how soon they are supposed to teach organization to their children.

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When to Start Reading to Baby | Top 6 Benefits of Baby Books

Top 6 Benefits of Baby Books

Many parents find it odd to read to toddlers’ much less newborn babies. This is because they think that the children in this age bracket cannot really comprehend what is being read to them. These children can’t even talk properly yet. However, there are actually many benefits of baby books and reading out loud to an infant or a toddler.

 • Promotes communication skills. Parents reading to their kids can help children develop their early communication skills. Studies have shown that reading to children as early as possible can help develop their later communication and vocabulary skills. It also enhances their capability to memorize, listen and maintain a longer attention span.

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Exposing Children to Books at an Early Age

Exposing Children to Books At and Early Age

A head start to prepare your kids for success; that’s what every parent tries hard to do to get their children ready for life’s challenges, yet most are clueless how to attain that goal. You don’t have to look far. There are studies to prove that future academic success can be greatly helped by exposing children to books at an early ageConcerned parents can do this by reading to their young kids and by providing them an access to books.

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5 Best Parenting Tips for Raising Kids

5 Best Parenting Tips for Raising Kids


Often, a particular parenting style is developed from how one was raised by his/her own parents. Now that you’re a parent, you realised it is tough and requires a commitment to do a good job. That means you need all the best parenting tips for raising kids to help them become well-rounded and stable individuals.

Parenting is both a privilege and responsibility not bestowed to everybody. There is no single right way to be a good parent, but you can use these parenting tips in nurturing your kids and providing a safe environment for them to build their character.
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What were the most popular baby names in 2013?

The names Charlotte (161 named) and Oliver (156 named) topped the list of popular baby names in South Australia in 2013.

They are followed by Ava (120) coming up 8 spots since 2012 as the 2nd most popular girls name and William (112) holding the 2nd position for the boys from 2012.

Charlotte’s meaning derives from the name Charla (English) Meaning: Feminine form of Charles; a small, strong woman.
Oliver is (Latin) Meaning: From the olive tree.

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