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Digital Organisation – What is it and how can it help me around the home?

Digital Organisation

News flashes onto your TV screen updating the world about noteworthy events happening across the globe, in real time. Communication is now easier, cheaper and more innovative, allowing you to connect with other people anywhere, anytime. Shopping, consulting, studying, etc. are tasks you can competently do without leaving home because the big Web transcended distances. The list of digital benefits or the ways modern communications technology impact human lives in the twenty-first century go on and on. Keep reading to find out how digital organisation at home can help you save time, money and stress. 

Digital transformation is the trend of the modern times. It isn’t letting up now or in the near future. In fact, it is invading every nook and cranny of the modern life, whoever you are and whatever you do. While it is commonly linked to business, it can also be applied to various aspects of life, including your home. These days, digital organisation, from home or domestic front to your personal schedules, can all be improved with greater efficiency.

Digital Organisation at home: What is it?

Digital is a modern catchword and digital transformation is a goal that most competitive and progressive organisations are rushing headlong to achieve. At the outset, it is perceived as the coming together of technologies, powering the Internet, the social media, and the mobile.  On a deeper analysis and considering the way it impacts life, many people agree that it goes beyond the convergence of technologies.

On this premise, advocates hold it in the highest regard as a mindset and culture that define how tasks can be undertaken with precision and efficiency. As a mindset and culture, digital organisation is creating a revolution, invading not only businesses and highly organised institutions, but people’s personal lives and homes as well. If it has effectively enhanced performances and productivity in the workplace, it can also boost the same at home.

For people who wish to level up their productivity, bolster their creativity and maximize their resources, bringing home the digital culture and mindset is a smart decision.

Digital Organisation: From Home to Personal Life

Your days start and end in your home. How your home works as an organisation can spell a difference in how well you can manage your life. Missing car keys and stuff can mean missing commitments and appointments. Not waking up at the right hour can spell disaster in your life or to your young dependents. Not having a shopping list can waste time and money. Having a disorganised home can mean clutter, stress, conflicts, missed opportunities and schedules, etc. 

Digital organisation at home is a wonderful thing, whether you live alone, a single parent or raising a brood. It is a strategy that offers a number of benefits, particularly when you are multitasking.Organisation save time and overwhelm

If you are a stay-at-home mom, you would want to manage your time well, so you can spend some of your precious time pampering yourself – personal hygiene, doing a project, napping, etc. A phone alarm can alert you, if you are running late. A Google Calendar can remind you of planned activities and schedules. If you are running a home-based business, you want to check your emails and do it efficiently, an email filter and tags can save you time. If your children have extracurricular activities – ballet class, sports or speech training – you want to ensure they are there right on time. If you are going to the grocery store, you want to do it as efficiently as possible to be able to pick the kids from school on time. You don’t want to be going every day of the week, this just wastes too much time.

With your grocery shopping perhaps consider the option of a delivery service for your weekly shopping. Not only can this save you time but if done right and you have a weekly meal plan set out it can save you money. Not only can you see how much your cart is worth with each click of the button but it also means you can plan meals that use similar ingredients so nothing goes to waste each week. 

What are the implications? As a culture and mindset, digital organisation can be embraced beyond work or as a mean for social connections with family and friends. You can attend to responsibilities at home and organize everything with efficiency. It can be your ticket to freedom – freedom to have more resources in your hands, freedom from stress, freedom from conflicts, and freedom to be a better you with a more organised home.


Features of a Digital organisation

Digital organisation is about how things are done with precision and efficiency. Thus, the benefits of going digitally organised at home can’t be underestimated. It can unlock the opportunities for growth in ways you can’t imagine.

It opens other ways of doing things as it creates new processes. While it may not be easy to give up your traditional methods of doing things, it is good to explore other ways or systems, especially if this would mean saving time, effort and money. For instance, manually operated washing machines took away the labor in washing laundry, but it still required that you stay close to operate it from the start to the end of the task. The programmable washing machines topped that experience, saving you more hours of toil and clutter while letting you do something else.

It contributes to the development of new skills geared towards supporting the digital changes. With the use of technologies, new skills are important so they can be used appropriately and efficiently.  The use of a digital appliances, gizmos, systems, and apps at home isn’t really difficult, but there are people who may not be ready for them.  If you are one of them, don’t shun digital technologies. These improvements are here to stay. They can make your life easier, just give it a chance.

Enjoying the Benefits of a Digitalized Organisation at Home

Digital is about unlocking and rediscovering new ways of doing things in a manner that saves you time, improves your accuracy and enhances your efficiency. If you are struggling with too many chores and unfinished tasks in the domestic front, digital organisation at home could be what you need. If you need to stay on schedule on matters that are important for your children, business, or your wife’s/husband’s work/business, all these can contribute to a happier and peaceful home.

Your home is a haven, but only when it is well-organised. There is nothing wrong with the traditional ways you do things – an alarm clock, a calendar on the wall or desk, postal mails, to-do-lists written on a notebook or a piece of paper, etc. – but there are digital ways to make them better. Better means not forgetting anything. Better means saving time. Better means less stress and conflicts. Better means being able to do more in less time and resources. Better means having better results that are life-enhancing.

Take a look around the web at a few apps to help you with task lists, note taking, reminders and alarms. It is always a good idea that these apps can be accessed on all your devices. That way where ever you are you can have all the information at your fingertips. In saying this you should also take a look at your local grocery store and find out if they deliver and if the cost of delivery out weighs your time and effort for you to go to the shops multiple times a week.  

Learning new ways of doing things and new skills is progressive – don’t be discouraged by it. Rather be inspired by the challenges and the opportunities they bring. Your kids must be adept to and interested in these technologies.  With digital organisation at home, use their interest to instill cooperation and responsibility. Meanwhile, enjoy its benefits, so you and your family can live a more organised and productive life.

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Digital Organisation at home what is it

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