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How to make a Diaper Tricycle – DIY Trike Nappy Cake Kit and Video Tutorial

Easy DIY how to make a diaper tricycle

Now Available DIY Trike Nappy Cake Kit and Video Tutorial – How to make a Diaper Tricycle

Looking for a easy to follow DIY baby gift you can make yourself for as a baby shower gift? Try this how to make a diaper tricycle video tutorial.

Hi I’m Stacey from Stacey Jane’s Nappy Cakes. Today I wanted to show you how to make a diaper tricycle or here in oz how to make a DIY trike nappy cake.

In this tutorial I will outline all the ingredients and tools you will need and show you step by step how to assemble it.


First you will need to layout all the items you want to include in the trike. These are my basic suggestions and you can add more items if you wish.


33 disposable diapers (nappies)
1 baby wrap
3 Face Washers
1 plain bib
1 soft toy

You will also need
1 14″ Cake board
1m 38mm double satin ribbon
1m 16mm double satin ribbon
1 standard Rubber band
16-20 Clear hair tie rubber bands

Fabric Glue
Pegs/bulldog clips
Sharp scissors for cutting ribbon



The first thing you will need to do is create the wheels.

This design uses two small wheels at the back each of these have 8 nappies and a single large wheel at the front consisting of 14 nappies.

How to make a diaper tricycle -Wheels

This video below will show you a tutorial on how to create these rounds.


Just make sure they are nice and tightly packed.

Don’t use rubber bands to secure these it just doesn’t work. The looser they are the flatter the wheel will sit and potentially fall apart.

Now we need to cover the string that holding the nappy round together.

How to make a diaper tricycle - Ribbon Gluing

Using a wider ribbon is preferable as it will hold it altogether a lot better than a thin ribbon.

Cut the ribbon to the correct length leaving a little over lap to secure it

It’s best to use glue for this and not pins.

Use the pegs or bulldog clips to hold the ribbon while the glue dries.

How to make a diaper tricycle - Ribbon Clips

While this is drying we will assemble the other items ready to put it altogether.

Grab your washcloths.

You need to make sure they are a large facewashers.

Small washcloths like these just don’t have enough bulk to do the job.

Fold one of the cloths to form the headlight like this.

How to make a diaper tricycle - roll headlight

Then fold the second to become the pedals of the trike like this.

How to make a diaper tricycle - Pedal

The third one becomes the back axel so you need to have your 16mm ribbon ready and roll it into the cloth like this.

How to make a diaper tricycle - Axel

And secure it with string.

Now take your muslin wrap and roll it up.

You may need to fold in the ends to shorten it depending on the size of your wrap.

Secure the ends and part way down with some clear rubber bands. These become the handle bars of the trike.

Take the last 3 nappies and roll them tight and secure with some string.

Now we need to piece it altogether.

How to make a diaper tricycle - Assemble all the pieces

Make sure you have the nappies facing down so they look like they are turning forward.

I have seen others with the nappies the other way and it just looks a little backwards.

Its a small thing but attention to detail can make a big difference.

Line up the 2 back wheels and thread through the axel.

Now add in the front wheel and secure with the ribbon running through the axel.

On the front wheel thread through the pedals and the handle bars.

Lay over your mud flap and the headlight.

Then take your handle bars and pull them up tightly and fasten with some string.

Tie a bow of 16mm ribbon around the front to hide the string.

In the back pop in the 3 rolled nappies to keep it all together and make a little seat for your toy.

Tread through some more string and tie off.

Now you can add you can add your toy.

How to make a diaper tricycle - adding toy

Its best to find one with long arms and legs to hold the bars and peddles.

Secure these with clear hair ties.

You can now remove the clips from the glued ribbon if it is dry, straighten everything thing up and there you have it. A tricycle nappy cake.

You can add extra items like a bib for the seat or a pair of socks on the handle bars of you want.

You can now cellophane this so its ready to gift. If your not sure how I have a tutorial to do this just see the video below.



If you would like to buy the kit to make this yourself you can visit the link here DIY Trike Nappy Cake Kit.

DIY Trike Nappy Cake Kit How to make a diaper tricycle


If you like this but are extraordinarily time poor or perhaps sending on behalf of a business then I suggest having it professionally made. You can purchase my “done for you” trike..….wrapped and ready to give also in the links below.

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