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Kindergym: How it Can Fill Your Toddler’s Need for Physical Activity


 Kindergym: Fulfilling Your Toddler’s Need for Physical Activity

In the past, parents fulfill their toddlers need for physical activity by encouraging their children to spend their time outside to play, explore nature and have fun. Part of this unstructured activity is active play that promotes creativity, social interaction and independence. These days, a lot of busy parents would rather use toys and digital gadgets, without realizing that toddlers require physical activity to boost their health and development. Kindergym can help improve that part in your baby’s life.

Physical Activity Matters

The shift from physically free-play activities to portable play equipment contributes to a generation of “sedentary” young kids. Research shows that lack of physical activity is a risk factor for various health problems that can manifest in early childhood. Apart from obesity, hypertension, respiratory difficulties, bone health problems and heart diseases, insufficient physical activities can have negative impact on a child’s motor skills, cognitive development, psychological well-being and emotional maturity.

The Kindergym Alternative

To fulfill this need, Kindergym for toddlers was developed as a pre-school enrichment program for children aged 2 to 5 years. The program is based around the belief that this is the critical time for establishing healthy behaviors and patterns. Thus, enrolling your kid to Kindergym can provide the opportunity to meet your toddlers need for physical activity as well as help develop their social and cognitive skills.

It is Age-appropriate

Kindergym for toddlers is a safe and healthy environment for developing a young child’s body and mind. Activities vary according to age group and different stations. They are exposed to sports and exercise that are age-appropriate. Young toddlers can enjoy games that helps improve their coordination, while older kids are taught discipline through using their bodies in movement. As the children get older, they move up to advanced classes to continue to enhance their skills, achieving greater strength and flexibility. Through the activities, they learn how to interact, persevere and aspire towards a goal.

In Familiar Company

In Kindergym for toddlers, a parent or guardian is required to be present every time the child attends a session. Although there is the assurance of safety in the challenging environment, most children feel more at ease knowing they are accompanied by a familiar face. The adult is an essential figure not only in promoting the child’s safe behavior, but also as a partner or teacher in some of the activities. This involvement does not only allow the parents or accompanying adult to observe the skill development of their kids, but it also strengthens their bond while learning and having fun.

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