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Why Routine Is So Important

Routine Why is it important

As a young child, you used to have routines. True that they were tedious, but somehow they worked for you then. You may have rebelled at the idea of living by an imposed routine or set of rules, so as an adult you may have started referring to it as a “schedule.” While you still do some things “like clockwork,” you don’t mind having a schedule. The word makes you feel like an adult, someone who has control over one’s life and activities.

As you slip and forget important tasks – the dreadful consequences of not having a routine – you may realize why is routine important then when you were a child, why it’s important now, and why it can help your child succeed as a person. What is a routine that you can embrace as an adult and one that will work for your child? What are its benefits?

What is a routine?

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